Dry Fire Practice Manual Response

April 7th, 2007  

Dr. Ignatius Piazza,

I enjoyed reading your report the color code of mental awareness.  I feel less like a paranoid and more like a person who is aware of his surroundings.   With all that is going on in our country, I have adopted what you call condition Yellow as a way of life.  When I am in a mall I look at people, size them up as to whether or not they look like a threat.   I avoid Dark unlit areas unless I am with a large group, I stand or sit at the back of rooms so I am more aware of my surroundings.  I have never considered myself paranoid, just someone that is aware of all the potential harm that can come to oneself or family if caught by surprise.   I do let my guard down in familiar surrounds, like of course when home, at church, work etc.  but once I leave the building, I watch cars, I look around before getting in my car, I check my surroundings when at an atm and tend to use those that all well lit, or better yet inside an enclosure.   So again thanks for your report,  I will have my family and friends read it, so maybe they will realize, that I am not overly cautious.   Since carrying a gun, I have wanted to become better at using it.  I am completely aware that I need lots of training and practice so I can react without hesitation.   I feel I have already adopted the yellow state.  I just need to be ready for the states that may follow someday. I do hope I never have to shoot anyone, and that is probably the reason I try to avoid situations that could be confrontational, but I am prepared to take whatever action is necessary to protect my life and the life of someone I love.  I have purchased your dry fire training manual, and will practice the technique’s there.  I hope to someday soon take a course at Front Sight, so I can build my skills and confidence with a handgun, so if needed I will prevail and come out on top, better yet alive.

Thank you,


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Ignatius Piazza
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