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April of 1996 was the beginning of a legacy. It was the launch of something new. It was the birth of Front Sight and now it has grown to be ranked among the best places in the world to receive firearms training and self defense training. At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, gun training is made to be safe, productive and possibly the best few days of your life. Located about a sixty minute drive from Las Vegas, Nevada, Front Sight is a place where the learning never ceases and neither does the fun which is why the establishment has doubled in size EVERY YEAR since its dawn and is on the path to do it again.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza created Front Sight with the mission in mind to provide students with the world’s finest firearms training, in a safe and responsible environment so they could experience the freedom and comfort that is achieved through skill at arms. He recognized the importance of proper firearms training in 1988. The serenity of his neighborhood was ripped away when bullets flew from the windows of a moving vehicle. Dr. Piazza then realized that although he owned firearms and shot them regularly at a shooting range, he had never learned the skills needed to defend his own life or the lives of his family members. A newly determined man, Dr. Piazza put in thousands upon thousands of hours of firearms training and practice. Years later, he became the second man in the world to earn a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate. Finally, after eight years of preparation, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was founded.

Anyone can receive training at Front Sight, regardless of age, gender, profession or level of skill, because Dr. Piazza and his team of highly skilled instructors offer courses for everyone. There are currently well over fifty different courses offered, including handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, edged weapons training, martial arts training and child and youth safety training, ranging from introductory courses to advanced classes, so there is something for virtually everyone who has an interest in learning self defense. All of the courses are taught by seasoned firearm professionals the extensive and rigorous training required to become a Front Sight Instructor guarantees students that their training will come from only the best. Because of the vast variety of curriculum learned in each course and the sky-scraping skill levels of the instructors, the program at Front Sight leaves students with skills and abilities that will exceed 99% of the gun owning population. Even people who use firearms for a living, like law enforcement personnel and military officers, leave Front Sight with greater knowledge, increased competence and higher confidence. This means that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers training that exceeds the standards of law enforcement and the military! There is no place that rivals Front Sight when it comes to getting the best firearms training available and the greatest value possible. The repeat business from so many Front Sight students proves it.

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