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November 15th, 2007  

Dr. Piazza,

I have been in two gunfights and I can tell people what is going to happen if they ever get into one; and I’m old enough to remember life before JFK got shot when everyone went around armed if they wanted to and no one thought much about it….and there wasn’t much crime. Believe me. And I am the right age to understand that things slow down over fifty-five. The days of wrestling someone down and cuffing them are over. So people over fifty need to learn he same things you teach to the younger crowd because we are more likely to be victims.

What’s the right carry gun for you? You got that right. “The largest caliber, heaviest bullet, loaded as hot as you can handle to still deliver two quick shots to the thoracic cavity of your opponent.” (And you will be really gratified to know that I actually went and read the full newsletter to glean that gem). In the day when we were issued wheel guns, I carried a .45 Commander off duty. I have won twice with a .45 and I am very comfortable with it. So that was my gun for thirty five years until Glocks came along.

But I won’t carry a 9mm, period. I have seen people hit multiple times with nines and not stop….or not even notice. You have to shoot an opponent in the face with a nine. So I didn’t carry a Glock until the .40s came along and I got a M23. But I have two horror stories and people need to know about them since the price of ammo is going through the roof. I don’t want to rebarrel and re-mag and shoot nines at the range. I want to practice with what I carry, period. I don’t enter matches that require race guns or speed holsters because that’s not what I carry. And the old adage that you will do what you practice is true to a point. You won’t fumble your gun if you know what you are reaching for. But people who carry a .45 and have a Glock in their car and a revolver in the nightstand are asking to be victims.

I can make this long and dramatic ( I have that version in writing if you want the play-by-play), but I won’t. If you are on a tactical course with a Glock and you are shooting steel-jacketed Wolf ammo (or maybe ANY Wolf ammo), something in the ammo turns to epoxy at about 220 rounds of constant fire and your gun will become useless. It will be glued together so tightly that it CANNOT BE CLEARED, PERIOD! It happened to me, twice, with the same gun, using the same case of ammo six months apart. The gun had not been used between these courses and was unfired from a factory rebuild. To their credit, after the second time, Wolf stepped up and bought me a new Glock, which I carry with an aftermarket barrel.

Best – T

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Ignatius Piazza
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