Ignatius Piazza – Funding Great Works By Doing Great Works

December 11th, 2007  

The works of Ignatius Piazza are impressive by their own rights. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the brainchild of Dr. Piazza, a former chiropractor. Founded in 1996, Front Sight is now the nations largest firearm training facility. According to its website, Front Sight trains more students each year than all other firearms training schools in the nation combined. The 550 acres of land near Las Vegas, Nevada is a prime location for such a school, and it turns out the best-trained firearms handlers in the nation. These statistics pale, however, when compared to the philanthropic and social-betterment activities Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza have helped fund.

As Dr. Piazza firmly adheres to a Sense of Duty to Serve and Exchange in Abundance as his modus operandi, it is no wonder that his training facility has become the largest in the nation. Also not surprisingly, while quickly advancing to the top of the industry, he looked for something more to accomplish. It was an easy realization for him to realize that since he had started his organization in order to help people be safer and more able, he could help other organizations achieve their own similar goals. He started helping funds and organizations and as the years progressed and he became more able to help, he helped a lot more.

Ignatius Piazzas website (see below) cites that to date, more than $5.13 million have been donated in the last ten years! Dr. Piazza and Front Sight have worked with scores of charitable organizations, in all sorts of focuses: charities focusing on children, women, civil liberties, education, health & health research, military & veteran assistance, and police. Dr. Piazza and Front Sight have taken that step which far too many institutes think is too dangerous and have donated to a many religious funds and organizations, without bias, including the American Jewish World Service, the Bethany Christian Service, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the Open Door Mission Foundation, and many others.

The lists of organizations in the fields of health research and public service Dr. Piazza has donated to numbers greater than twenty each, while the list of childrens funds Dr. Piazza has donated to easily numbers greater than fifty. The other lists are equally impressive. Just one glance at the number of organizations, efforts, groups, funds and projects Dr. Piazza and Front Sight have helped along, and encouraged and promoted is amazing! (All of which can be found at Ignatius Piazzas website.) Awe-inspiring is the only adjective that comes close to describing the sensation one gets viewing the lists of charities that Dr. Piazza has helped.

Dr. Piazza has adopted an admirably righteous attitude when it comes to his business success. He has taken large amounts of profit and returned it to the public sector. He has benefited countless lives through his philanthropic acts; he has taken it upon himself to improve the quality of life of others.

Dr. Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute are at the top of their game. They turn out the very best civilian firearms handlers in the world and train more students than all other firearms training schools combined. With this enormous success rate, Dr. Piazza now pursues the same drive that brought him into the education and empowerment industry in the first place: philanthropy. His wonderful works should be recognized by all, and it is this writers hope that he enabled that in some small way.

Original Article here: Ignatius Piazza – Funding Great Works by Doing Great Works.

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