Spotting Crooks, Cops and Front Sight Students!

May 19th, 2008  

Anyone who has attended a Front Sight Firearms Training Course will tell you that the lecture material alone is worth the price of the course.

Becoming more proficient with your weapon than 99% of the gun owning population is just one of the many bonuses Front Sight students receive.

This is especially true of the lecture concerning the Levels of Mental Awareness.

Why is this lecture so important? Because if you adopt what Front Sight teaches and you learn to live your life in a state of relaxed awareness, not only will criminals see that you are aware of your environment and leave you alone (attacking someone else who is less aware) you will see the world in a completely different light.

(I cover this topic and many more in much greater detail in my 32 Free Gun Training Reports so if you have not yet subscribed, do so today by entering your first name and primary e-mail address in the box provided on this page)

That fact of the matter is that 99.9% of the population is unaware of what is going on around them. You will see this for yourself after you take a Front Sight course and live your life from that point forward in a state best described as Relaxed and Alert. There are really only three types of people who live their lives in a state of heightened mental awareness: Criminals: because they are looking for easy victims. Cops: because they are looking for criminals. And people who have received the type of mental awareness training Front Sight provides in our courses.

When on the street, you will see the criminals, the undercover cops, and even other Front Sight students (who now number over 100,000) because these three types of people are the ONLY people looking around and being mentally aware of their immediate environments.

The cops and the Front Sight students will give you an understanding nod of approval when your eyes meet. “Ah yes, another sheepdog” is the unspoken message translated in the physical gesture of the nod. The criminals will look and move in another direction because a sheep dog has spotted them.

All the more reason why those who are Front Sight trained to live their lives relaxed, alert, and aware should also be holding a Concealed Weapons Permit and carrying a concealed weapon with them wherever they go.

And if you are a cop or one of the millions of responsible, law-abiding citizens who carry a concealed weapon, here are some tips for spotting when a criminal is carrying a weapon…

  • Wearing concealment garments such as a jacket, coat, or vest when it is noticeably too hot for such attire.

  • Wearing a coat that is completely unzipped when weather is cold enough to warrant a zipped jacket.

  • Wearing a shirt with the tail out and or only buttoned near the top. Note that most criminals do not carry a gun in a holster. The most common method of carry is to slip the gun inside their waistband near the front pocket of their pants or in the small of their back.

  • Repeatedly touching the areas where you would likely carry a gun to adjust it when walking.

  • Excessively keeping one hand in the pocket to keep the gun stabilized or to camouflage the print of the gun through the clothing.

  • When running, pressing a hand against clothing in an attempt to stabilize the gun.

  • When walking, only swinging one arm, using the other arm to stabilize the gun or to prevent concealment garment from opening in a breeze.

  • When your eyes meet, the criminal looks down quickly to where the gun is concealed or moves an arm to cover the possible printing of the weapon against his clothing, then avoids any eye contact with you and moves away.

  • Clothing that does not fit properly due to the weight of the gun in a pocket of a jacket pulling the collar.

  • The centerline of the pants in the crotch or buttock area pulled excessively to one side due to the gun being placed inside the waistband.

  • Bulges under the clothes in the waist area.

  • Bulky pockets.

  • Printing of the shape of the gun against the clothing or actually seeing the gun when bending over, reaching overhead, or turning.

  • Hearing the sound of something solid (the gun) striking a door frame, counter, shopping cart, etc.

In looking for these obvious signs of a criminal carrying a concealed weapon, make sure that YOU as a responsible law-abiding Concealed Weapon Permit Holder don’t make the same mistakes, because the defining benefit of having a concealed weapon is that the bad guy doesn’t know you have it. The surprise of a concealed weapon and the ability to present it quickly and deliver two sighted shots to your opponent’s chest before your adversary has the chance to react gives you a distinct advantage over the armed criminal. Don’t blow that lifesaving advantage by allowing the crooks to know you are carrying a weapon.

If you don’t have a Concealed Weapon Permit, the world class training Front Sight provides or (worse yet), you don’t even have a handgun, then take advantage of Front Sight’s Greatest Course, Gun and CCW Permit Offer Ever

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