Response from Marine Corps Veteran

June 28th, 2008  

Dear Dr. Piazza,I am receiving your reports and enjoying them greatly! The story of Front Sight is incredible!Your personal story is incredible. The dedication you had in training yourself was fun reading about.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and sincere interest in preserving our 2nd Amendment freedoms and making us all more comfortable with our own Skill at Arms. What you are doing there is nothing short of amazing and I hope to witness it first hand soon. The Legacy DVD was amazing!

I spent 24 years in the Marine Corps. (I bet you get these emails all the time and they all start sounding the same.) My individual weapons story started in 1988. I trained hard and won the SecNav Trophy Rifle at my first competition. I am proficient with handguns and rifles, having become Distinguished through the Corps and NRA in the “bullseye” disciplines. I shot and coached the Corps’ teams at national and international levels of competition. I have shot on winning teams at distances out to and including 1000yds.

Then I became the Chief Marksmanship Instructor for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. Before I left I had to learn Arabic, and I wanted more practical skills training, so I went through the High Risk Personnel HRP Courses, Small Arms Weapons Instructor SAWIC Courses, and shot the Armed Forces Skill at Arms meets. You are exactly right about how increasing one’s weapons handling skills increasing one’s self-confidence on the street.

I miss the smell of powder and the recoil of my weapon and knowing I hit what was behind the sights. Man, how I miss the comraderie and exchange of information we shared as weapons handlers and trainers. I am still doing lots of reading now but hope to get back out on the real classroom (ranges) soon.

Thanks for the reports. Please keep them coming! I have a 92F with tritium sights and an inside the pants holster calling me. I can hear your ranges and instructors calling me too!

I know how busy you are but I sure would like to learn more about staffing and pay as it might apply to someone with my background. I have been in home building and sales industry since leaving the military but now fantasize about teaching at the Front Sight Academy. With the vision of expansion you have planned I am sure you will be looking for leaders who can assist you in the development of doctrine and courses that represent your philosophies and resort for years to come.

May God Bless you and your staff for sticking your neck out like you have. I know it isn’t easy being the leader in a movement so politically controversial. I respect you for this too! Take care and I look forward to hearing more about your Front Sight story!

Semper Fi,


Click here for more information: What it takes to become an instructor at Front Sight.

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Ignatius Piazza
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