Chilling – Response to Monday Blog Post

December 17th, 2008  

Dr. Piazza,

For some reason I was unable to download last weeks video at the time, so I’m just now seeing it. It is chilling. Obviously the killers were well versed in their deadly art, apparently from many such earlier encounters, and had no qualms at all about murdering two police officers execution style. I can’t understand why the policeman by the door chose to assume that the thug by the counter did not represent a threat. He even turned his back on the guy, even though an untucked T-shirt is one of the favorite dress styles of today’s punks specifically because it offers concealment for a waist band carry. I also don’t understand why it appears that neither officer drew a weapon, at any time. What were they waiting for?¬† Relative to todays video, it certainly points out the importance of always carrying at least some kind of effective weapon, and knowing how to use it, or at the very least, as you suggested, knowing how to disable an attacker with a stiff thumb or finger to the eye, a groin squeeze or something similar. Personally, I think a man without a gun is not really a man but only an excuse for one. It is a responsibility of citizenship. Whether I have my pistol on my person or not in a given circumstance, I always have my Buck hunting knife at my side, with a 6″ blade, in plain sight. At the same time I also have a large Stanley tape measure hanging off my right front pocket, plus a long rag hanging from my back right hip pocket. I have walked thus arrayed unmolested by security personnel¬† into banks, post offices, bar and lounges, and every kind of retail store out there. Everyone that sees me apparently thinks, just as I want them to, that I’m just a working stiff carrying the tools of my trade. If some thug type smartass ever asks me about my equipment, I’ll just reply that the knife is for slicing open the heart of anyone who attacks me. The rag is for cleaning off the blade. And the tape measure is for measuring the length and width of the body for the benefit of my brother in law who is in the casket business. Works for me.


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Ignatius Piazza
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