Ignatius Piazza: Are You a Conservative?

March 16th, 2009  

I wrestled with the title to select for this week’s blog and accompanying videos.

Some of the titles I considered were:

  • Out of the Mouths of Babes
  • This Kid Gets It
  • Real Hope for America’s Future
  • Thomas Jefferson Reincarnated?
  • The Next Ronald Reagan?

I finally settled on Are You a Conservative?

Watch a kid summarize in two minutes what every politician from every political party should understand regarding the principles that created our great nation…

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So, do you agree with his four principles?

  1. Respect for the Constitution
  2. Respect for Life
  3. Less Government
  4. Personal Responsibility

Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, Libertarian or Independent, the question is, “Are you a Conservative?”

I must be a Conservative, because I love what this kid had to say.

Here is another short video interview of him. Note who his heroes are and what he does for fun…

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Well, I think this young man is going places and I would like Front Sight to be one of his influences and I want him to experience some “real” fun so I am giving him a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Membership.

Please send this blog out to everyone you know and ask them if they are a Conservative or not.

And if you know Jonathan Krohn, please have him contact me so that I can arrange to give him a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Membership. This kid may be the next Ronald Reagan and I want him growing up with the comfort of skill at arms.

And if you do not have a 30 State Concealed Weapons Permit, the world class training Front Sight provides, or a Springfield Armory XD Pistol, then take advantage of Front Sight’s Greatest Course, Gun and CCW Permit Offer Ever. (Also known as the Millionaire Patriot Offer.)

Go to http://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp.

I will be posting a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

If you have an interesting photo, story or tip about a relevant topic of interest to gun ownership, firearms training or Second Amendment issues, please feel free to send it to me at:


Again, if you want to take advantage of the Greatest Course, Gun, and CCW Permit Offer in the firearms training industry see this link:


See you next week.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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