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April 9th, 2009  

What is boric acid? It is a weak acid that is often used to kill insects or an antiseptic. Or, in the case of a teenager from Alabama, it can be used to put in some food that your family is going to eat. Yeah. That teen is now facing attempted murder charges. Why did she do this? She was upset at her mother for punishing her disobedience. Kids and teenagers can be just as dangerous as adults! That is why it is important for your children to learn how to resist things like peer pressure, reckless activities and dangerous people. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada is a big supporter of family protection, so in addition to adult courses, child safety classes and youth safety classes are also offered. You may be thinking, “What does this have to do with a teen putting boric acid in her mom’s food?” Well, taking family self defense classes is an educational, productive and fun family bonding experience. When children and teens learn self defense skills, they become more confident. With confidence (not cockiness) comes respect for their elders. With respect comes no boric acid flavored snacks.

Front Sight’s courses for teens and children involve captivating lectures about self defense: how to avoid dangerous situations, how to avoid peer pressure, how to identify shady people, how to get out of dangerous spots, when to run, how to avoid confrontation, how to handle an attack, how to avoid child predators, how to avoid internet predators, what to do if you are grabbed, and so many other self defense techniques. The self defense courses also involve demonstrations and practical real life scenario based training, so that your kids can learn in a safe environment how to protect themselves when you are not there to protect them! You would be amazed at the increase in child confidence with good self defense training, such as this training offered at Front Sight by the Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, of course, also has adult classes! (Front Sight is the world’s leader of gun training schools!) He offers so many self defense firearms training courses, other weapons training courses and empty hands self defense training courses. As for gun training, you can receive handgun training (pistol training or revolver training), shotgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training (UZI submachine gun training or Select Fire M16 training), night gun training, combat firearms training, competition gun training, CCW training (so you can get your Concealed Carry Weapons Permit!), Glock training, and other forms of firearms training. From beginner gun training to advanced firearms training, Front Sight has it all! Dr. Piazza also offers edged weapons training, martial arts training and rappelling training.

Many people actually take family vacations to Front Sight and emerge a safer and more bonded family! The family friendly environment is great for families of any size. Come to Front Sight; it might just be the best family vacation you have ever had!

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