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April 11th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

I know you are a busy man and may not have time to respond, however, I feel the need to really express my sincere thank you for the FS newsletters and the Blogs. I have the time and decided to pass this info to you for what its worth to let you know that a bunch of us believe in you and FS, as well as your efforts to get us there. I’ve got the desire and plan to do so as I will explain below. Right now I want to give some comments on today’s Blog.

The one today on the ‘Run on Ammo‘ is very good and I want to thank you for the help in getting people to look at things a little differently. I run into people regularly who are stocked up with a lot of ammo and who are shooting a lot of it as well. We do have proof that many of these people buying the guns and ammo are also getting some training, BUT, as a rifle instructor; I also see many who need a lot more help.

I’m an old 68 y/o former military retired dude who is also a Rifle Instructor for the Revolutionary War Veterans Assn. working in our Appleseed Project ( teaching people how to shoot a rifle at the Army Qualification Test level of Expert, as the U.S. Marine Corps does with all its personnel, and as it has historically done since it’s inception to keep pirates off of our ships in the early 1800’s.

I personally like to use your Front Sight as a prime example of WHY a Rifleman MUST look at that front sight when sighting on the target and your explanation of using that as the name you came up with due to its importance in marksmanship. In the process of working with many of our attendees, I like to routinely give your training facility a ‘plug’ and encourage people to check out your website, and to subscribe to the Newsletters and read your Blogs, since you regularly pass along some very good info to us who do this. This is just to let you know how much of an effect you’ve had on me with your regular emails. They are good and not a waste of my time. I always glean some good tidbits from them and want you to know they are appreciated.

Personally, I am seriously looking at trying to get out there for some training, probably within the next few months. You have “sold” me on your training facilities, super qualified instructors, and also in your personal integrity. I guess I just want to give you a big thanks for all you are doing with the ‘gun community’ in which you are most definitely a very strong and effective leader.

I must confess that I belong to most gun related organizations in the hope that they will help keep the politicians from taking our 2nd Amendment rights from us. I also admit that I cannot shake off the fears and dangers presented by our politicians due to the many stupid laws I see our State Legislatures coming up with, not to mention the introduction of Bills in Congress. Along with this, our new President and all those he has amassed around him in his Cabinet and elsewhere in our Federal Government give me cause for alarm. With all we see them doing on this financial fiasco, coming up with the largest spending bills ever with votes being cast for the spending when our Representatives have not even read it, then I feel that is cause enough to support a fear that they might just ‘sneak’ some very bad laws through that will have an adverse affect on all of us within the gun community.

So, your words today were inspiring and I just wanted to share this with you to let you know that many others, I’m sure, are like me in that we get the Newsletters and hunger for information from you. Also, we want to get to your facility when we can afford it. Although I’m a volunteer in the RWVA’s Appleseed Project which only has volunteers, they do offer to pay travel expenses. I don’t take them and I have been traveling the Southeastern States doing weekend training primarily in Florida and Georgia so far, but will also be in TN, KY and probably NC later in the year. Being a Federal Retiree and on Social Security, I don’t have a large income, but I feel I am contributing to our national Heritage in the Revolutionary War history we teach at each weekend training shoot, and I feel that my personal expenses are really important contributions as well. Still, I want to get to Front Sight and will do so at some point in the coming months when my schedule lets me, as well as amassing the money to do it.

I already have a CCW Permit good in the 30 States or so via my TN Permit. I also have an XD(m).40 cal. which I love but have yet to really work out with fully since most of the time I’m firing a rifle. So, I’m hanging in there and will contact you (or Front Sight) later when I find my way clear to do so.

Meanwhile, keep up the excellent work and inspiration to us all. I am sure your efforts produce clients and I just want you to know that even some of us retired and older guys on limited incomes are gaining benefit from all you are doing even in your Newsletters and Blogs.

A tip of the hat to you for being there with the enthusiasm, inspiration and the excellent job you are doing for all of us gun owners.

William G.

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Ignatius Piazza
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