If You Like to Party, Read This

April 17th, 2009  

Recently, a man named John Murray testified against the son of a former Assembly speaker, Fabian Nunez. He said that the boy and his friend did admit to stabbing someone around the area of San Diego State University last October. It was due to a fight outside of a fraternity party, and sadly, the victim died. If you are a college student, especially if you are going to be around the wild party environment, it is a good idea to get self defense training. You never know when a party is going to get out of hand. Alcohol can lower inhibitions, which can make people not think before they start spouting angry words and throwing fists.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can give you the skills you need to diffuse any situation, giving yourself and the people around you a better chance at survival. The self defense training provided by Dr. Ignatius Piazza (founder and director of Front Sight) and his team of highly qualified and experienced self defense training instructors is by far the best training available. It is the unsurpassed leader of firearms training schools in the world, but that is not all they offer.

Being a Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Piazza knows the importance of being trained in a variety of areas. This is why, in addition to gun training, Front Sight offers edged weapons training, martial arts training, child safety training, youth safety training and other forms of self defense training. The extensive list of firearms training courses includes classes like rifle training, pistol training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, night gun training, CCW Permit training, beginner’s firearms training, advanced firearms training, and many others, so that no matter what your goal of firearms training is, there is a course for you! Whether you are a gun novice or you use guns for a living, Front Sight can help you perfect your technique, teach you gun safety and make you a better shot than you ever dreamed possible! If you look at the testimonials on Front Sight’s website, you will see how people from all walks of life have benefited from Dr. Piazza’s instruction. From homemakers to police officers, from students to Army snipers, from business men to competitive shooters, everyone loves Front Sight!

Dr. Piazza is so confident in his program that he is offering his personal gun training guarantee, meaning if your first course at Front Sight does not meet your expectations, he will pay for your self defense gun training! No, that is not a joke! He can do this because he knows you will be absolutely blown away by every course you take at his gun training school, whether you take a weapons training course or an empty hands self defense training course. After one course at this terrific school, you will be better prepared to take on any situation, protect yourself and the people you care about. Random crazy parties will not be a threat to you, because you will be comfortable in knowing that if a fight should break out, you will know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. With Front Sight at your side, you needn’t worry!

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