Front Sight Mail Bag: Responses to Monday Blog Post about 20/20 Bias

April 21st, 2009  

Here are just a few of the many wonderful responses to the blog post from yesterday. As you can see, they are overwhelmingly positive. It is wonderful to see that so many of you are also not taken in by the obvious bias. Read all the way through for our closing thoughts on your support:


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you so much for taking on the liberal media in what was so obviously an anti-gun set up.

Passionate defenders of the Second Amendment like you, do so much to compensate for the mass of misinformation fed to the public.

Best regards

Garry P


Dr. Piazza.

Thanks. I have been waiting to see your response to the 20/20 story.

I was shocked at how blatant the 20/20 set up was but neat to see your after action drill explaining the negative.

Talk about tunnel vision! I hope that America sees the 20/20 story for the BS it is.

Thanks for being there for us.

Carl G.
Four Day Handgun Graduate


Dear Dr. Piazza,

When I first heard of this report on ABC, which was a week BEFORE it aired, I tried to write Sawyer regarding contacting you. I gave all your contact information and related how that a story on guns without input from you would be totally incomplete.

I sent the email via two channels. One returned, one did not. Hopefully it reached someone up there in “dream land.”

I again want to thank you for allowing me the blessed privilege of attending the four day handgun course you graciously gave me about three years ago. It has changed my life in many ways.

I do LOVE your postings and still do benefit greatly from all of them. Keep up the GREAT work!


Rev. Charles L


Dear Dr. Piazza,

Excellent letter!!!

Keep up the great work, you are Patriot!

Whitey M.


Director Piazza,

Good job on your answer back to Sawyer and 20/20, as a retired Police Officer, and a long time Firearms instructor (Police, Military, FBI, NRA), we could have told you that she, and her producers, assistants, and actors were lying.

Why? ‘Cause their lips were moving.

The Media, 95% of them are locked into the Anti-Firearms crowd, cause it pays their bills, and fills their pockets.

Your mission is very valid, and you are doing a fine job.

The videos of news clips are particularly effective.

Semper Fidelis,

Roger L.


Dr. Piazza,

I also saw 20/20 and was pretty upset at the bias displayed by the show. I’m in total agreement with you.

Will be at the 4 day handgun course 4/23 -4/27 and looking forward to meeting you.


Dennis E.


Dr. Piazza,

Great article – glad I went to the 4 day handgun class.

Tom M.


Now, this is not nearly all of the responses we received, it was a random sampling.

Support continues to pour in for taking a stand against the obvious bias in the reporting done by 20/20.

We really do read it all, and we really do appreciate hearing from you. As usual, you may write in a response to anything you read here by email.

Plus, we found it interesting in reviewing the people linking to yesterday’s article already, that there is a great deal of interest in passing on the truth out there, rather than leaving it up to Diane Sawyer to tell America whether guns are for protection of your loved ones and all you hold dear, or are an extremist folly.

We know how we feel about it here at Front Sight. The second amendment is not a mistake and needs no correcting or infringing. And carrying your gun, with the proper training and mindset, is never a mistake. Quite the opposite. It is a vital and precious resource for those unexpected times of peril that we all hope will never happen. And it is a resource that all of us have to hold on to or lose. Our choice is clear, we make our statement on it every day by training more law-abiding citizens than any other school to levels far better than the vast majority of trained marksmen. What’s your choice? Because you need to make your choice known loud and clear. And train for the day that you may need to make use of it.

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Ignatius Piazza
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