Are You Dating a Killer?

May 16th, 2009  

D’Andre D. Howard has finally been arrested. He has had several run ins with the law, dealing with girlfriends and ex girlfriends and restraining orders. This time, it was for three counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder. He killed an eighteen year old, a fifty seven year old and a seventy three year old with a butcher knife, all family to his girlfriend. What really causes unease about this case is that he was in custody ten minutes before the slayings. His neighbors complained about loud music at about midnight. The police ran a background check and realized that Howard had an outstanding traffic offense on his record. They arrested him but soon found no reason to hold him in custody any longer. He left the jailhouse and went straight to his girlfriend’s house. There, he performed the murders.

Why someone would get into a relationship with someone who has restraining orders on their record is beyond most people. But I know as well as other people that the whole, “I have changed” bit works a little too well. Take it from me, someone who has stupidly dated ex cons and felons, someone who has refused to date a genuinely nice guy, someone who has had a seriously dangerous dating past. Luckily, I have moved on from the dangerous ones, but many girls have not yet reached that point. They will continue to date the bad boys, and the bad boys will continue to take advantage of them, mistreat them, rape them, and hurt – in this case kill – their families. What’s a girl to do? Whatever she decides to do, she should be prepared to handle anything by getting herself great self defense training, like the multiple self defense courses offered at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Self defense firearms training, self defense knife training and empty hands self defense training are perfect ways to increase your awareness and safety, as well as the safety of those people around you. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, offers courses in rifle training, handgun training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, night gun training, CCW Permit training, firearm skill building training, gun safety training, edged weapons training, martial arts training, rappelling training, youth safety training, child safety training and so many other self defense classes, all taught by firearms training instructors and self defense training instructors who are classified as the best in the world. Each course is headed by the Four Weapons Combat Master himself, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, who will make certain that you get better gun training or weapons training than you ever dreamed possible.

After your first self defense gun training course, you may even want to have fun and expand your knowledge of the gun world and learn competition shooting from Dr. Piazza! The experience of Front Sight is exciting and memorable, while the knowledge you will gain is irreplaceable. There is no place better than Front Sight.

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