Ignatius Piazza: How to Get Charged with Murder…

June 1st, 2009  

In a gunfight, there is a very well defined line between justifiable use of deadly force and murder.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the gun battle you are only going to be half as good and half as smart as you are on your best training day, simply from the stress of a lethal encounter.

As a result, the well-defined line between legal use of deadly force and murder can become quite blurry.

Here is real surveillance video that shows how quickly you can go from justifiably using deadly force to being charged with murder.

Understand that – universally – you are only justified to use deadly force when your opponent shows the ability, opportunity, and intent to immediately inflict serious bodily injury to you or those around you.

However, you are only justified to use deadly force to stop the threat.

Once the immediate threat of serious bodily injury or death ends, additional use of force is no longer justified.

Watch this very revealing surveillance video that shows a textbook case of justified use of deadly force that turns into a murder charge when shots are fired AFTER the threat has ended.

Then read my comments following these videos and email me your verdict, guilty or innocent?

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Here’s the News Media’s take on the shooting:

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Here is a video where the prosecutor essentially shows his case to the media.

Please make sure Javascript is enabled and you have the latest version of the Flash Player to see this video.

Please understand that I have explained the universally accepted rules in the use of deadly force and shared this surveillance video with you for a very important reason: I want to help you AVOID criminal charges should you ever need to use your weapon to defend yourself or others.

This case, unless a plea bargain is struck, will end up in the hands of 12 of our “peers” to decide if a normally law-abiding, upstanding citizen should go to prison for his actions or be set free.

The surveillance video is the key witness because the other store employees were hiding at the time, the other robber had run away, and the unarmed teen is now dead and cannot testify.

However, the jury will likely hear from the man on trial as he explains what was going through his mind and why he felt compelled to get another gun and shoot what appears to be a teenager who was no longer a threat.

The jury, regardless of the “letter of the law” or instructions from the Court, ultimately makes the final decision in the case as to whether a man is guilty or innocent. The jury will decide if he walks free or not.

The question I have for you is this: After seeing the surveillance video, knowing what you know about the justifiable use of deadly force, AND WHAT YOU WOULD DO in the same situation, do you find him GUILTY or INNOCENT?

Please send this blog around the Internet and encourage others to e-mail me this week with their verdict.

I will share the results with you next Monday.

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I will be posting a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

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See you next week.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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