Internet Crazies on the Rise

June 2nd, 2009  

Earlier today, a thirty six year old man named John Steven Burgess pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and concealment of an accidental death. In 2007, a San Diego State University Student named Donna Jou disappeared. Apparently she had overdosed on drugs, and the convicted sex offender, Burgess, dropped her body into the ocean. I have talked about the Craigslist Killer. Well, here is another one! Burgess had been in trouble with the law years ago for three counts of battery and the next year for performing lewd acts with a child. He served time and then was required to register as a sex offender, all though he never did, so he went back behind bars. After being released, he met Jou on Craigslist, invited her to a party and gave her drugs. She died during the night, and now he is being sentenced to five more years in prison.

I think if there is one thing that we can learn from these past few weeks is that our kids NEED to be educated about drugs, violence and internet crazy people. Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s child safety training and youth safety training programs do this and much more to help keep your children and teens away from danger. The girl that died was only nineteen years old. That is a far cry from living a long and eventful life. Don’t let your kids’ lives be cut short like that. Call or email Dr. Piazza today about signing your children up for self defense training. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s complete self defense training program is for children, teens and adults. Young ones can take safety training for children, which will teach them how to avoid life threatening situations, how to identify sketchy people, how to reduce the risk of being attacked, how to get out of holds if someone grabs them and how to be aware of their surroundings. Older children and teens can take a safety training course for youth, where they learn age appropriate techniques for self defense, such as the things listed above and how to avoid peer pressure and how to avoid internet predators. Teens can also enroll in teen firearms training, so that in the event that someone approaches them with a gun, they will know how to react, how to disarm the attacker and how to increase their chance of survival. Adults also have a wide variety of choices when it comes to learning how to use a gun for self defense, weapons training or empty hands self defense training. While your children are involved in their self defense classes, you can choose to take self defense firearms training such as rifle training, handgun training, shotgun training or automatic weapons training. You can also choose from edged weapons training or martial arts training.

One weekend at Front Sight will change your life forever. It could save your life. If you think about it, not only teens are answering ads on the internet. Many of us search for employment, housing or friends on the internet. Who knows whose ad you are answering? Make sure you are safe with the gun training, knife training and self defense training offered at Front Sight!

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