When Child Molesters Run Free – Protect Your Children With Front Sight

June 17th, 2009  

In West Virginia a high school principal has been arrested. He is being charged with felony sex charges against a student. The incident happened in 1986, but the victim – a young boy – did not say anything about it because he thought that it was already being taken care of. But nothing had been handled, charges were not filed and the male principal was free for over twenty years. It is mortifying to hear that a child molester has been on the street for more than two decades, and no one knew about it. You just never know.

Because we need to always be on our guard, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, opened a gun training school near Las Vegas, Nevada to help us get the self defense training that we need, in an environment that allows for maximum learning, memory retention AND fun. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is notably the best gun training school in the world. Students of Front Sight agree that what they learn from Ignatius Piazza is irreplaceable and has changed their lives forever. Things like gun safety, how to use a weapon, when to use a gun, when to not use a gun, how to fire a gun, how to use a knife for self defense, legal aspects of gun use, how to secure a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, how to use your body as a weapon, how to handle multiple attackers and so many other things are taught at Front Sight. Ignatius Piazza made sure to enhance your self defense training experience by collaborating every form of self defense, so you can learn everything you need to protect yourself and offer family protection.

Self defense firearms training and self defense edged weapons training teach you not only the basics of gun training and weapons training but also get down to the nitty gritty that other gun training schools forget to mention. Ignatius Piazza’s students enjoy having choices at Front Sight – they can choose from rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, pistol training, revolver training, competition gun training, combat firearms training, night gun training, CCW Permit training, gun training for women, gun training for teens, knife training, empty hands self defense training such as rappelling training and martial arts training, child safety training and youth safety training. The child safety training and youth safety training programs are especially helpful when you have children that are enrolled in public schools, because it will teach them how to recognize sketchy people, how to avoid an attack and how to handle an attack if it happens. The child from our story could have benefitted from some good self defense training… and knowing how long that principal ran free after his child molestation incident, wouldn’t it be comforting to know your child can protect himself or herself? Ignatius Piazza will make sure that your children know how to be safe from dangerous situations. With young person self defense training and adult self defense training and gun training courses, Front Sight is the perfect place to take your next family vacation!

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