Even more responses to ‘Keep Change and Vaccines’

August 30th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza

I agree with your latest e-mail. Surely there are many more of us that remember what freedom is. I can remember when honesty and hard work were the measure of a man. I also remember when that was all it took to succeed. I am not sure that any of that has changed but it definitly   does not count as much as it used to.

I see the problem, maybe you agree.

The people who lead us, not all but many have no experience in hard work or honesty. Absolutely none of the elected who lead us would go to the extremes our Fore fathers or even our Grand Fathers would to protect our freedoms.

I am actually ashamed of most of the people in this country for being so easily manipulated, into believing that Americans need to apologize to anyone for protecting the oppressed, weak, or persecuted.

I believe in freedom and respect others right to believe what or how ever they do. So long as their beliefs don’t infringe on my right to freedom.

I was never in the Military but served as a Police Officer, Reading through your e-mails, which I enjoy by the way. I am positive that some of your fundamentals have been engrained in my muscle memory.

South Dakota is a right to carry State, I do intend to obtain my concealed weapons permit but at this point a 12 guage with 00 buck is at hand, always…

Keep up your ambassadorship. Brothers in Freedom, Train like you fight!

Have a good day.
Mike S.


Dear Doc:

You’re absolutely right regarding the latest “fear-mongering” by the political Left regarding the swine-flu vaccine.  The Socialist mindset is to create an artifical “fear” of something, then drive the panicked citizens towards the government in search of a solution.  The government then provides the “solution”, while at the same time taking away another piece of individual liberty.  That piece of surrendered liberty is NEVER given back.

It’s been a tactic used internationally for decades, and I, too, am alarmed with the speed the current Administration is utilizing it in all areas (Energy, Banking, Mortgage, Autos, Healthcare, etc.).

We Americans need to return to the principles of our Founding Fathers, and the “rule of law” prescribed by our fundamental documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I am quite proud of the public stance you have taken, and likewise proud to be a member of First Family.

Much Aloha,
Thomas K.



That is the greatest condensed version I’ve read or seen. It explains, short and to the point, most of the major issues of today, thus giving somewhere to start the stop of this “madness.”

Thank you so much!

Gary R.


Dr. Piazza:

Everything on your list is accurate and I agree completely with all of it. I stopped taking flu shots ten years ago when I realized the only time that I came down with the flu was after I had a shot.

Alan W.


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you so very much for this information, it helped my family make its decision about the shot.

Ken W.


Dr Piazza,

I was glad to read your comments regarding the direction our government is taking. I agree with every point you make and I believe that millions of other Americans do too.

Corrupt politicians, on both sides, have refused to enforce our laws,  protect our borders and are trashing our Constitution. In my opinion, we must fire every one of the current crooks, elect a new Congress and Senate and, most important, enact TERM LIMITS.

I’m a United States Marine Corps Veteran and I still take seriously the oath I took to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I believe that there are thousands, if not millions, of us across America that are willing to protect our way of life with whatever it takes…

I wish you continued success in the work you and your staff are doing to educate and train Americans to defend themselves, their family and friends. You, Sir, are a Patriot. Thank you.

Semper Fi,

Ken G.


Dear Dr. Piazza:

I am so much in agreement with your views, it is almost as if you can “read my mind!”

Keep up the good work.  I always look forward to your E-Mails and hope to be able to attend one of your “Front Sight training programs in the not-too-distant future.


Joe D.


Dr. Piazza,

It struck me as I read this blog, your bullet points in the beginning read very much like those in the Declaration of Independence. Could even possibly be the rough draft of a new Declaration of Independence.

I wish I could attend your courses, but my current situation still won’t allow it, despite the tremendous deals you offer. I sincerely hope I can in the near future. Until then, thank you for what you do and I hope to meet you soon.

Kevin G.


Dr Piazza


Thank you for posting the video! YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN.

George B


Dr. Piazza,

I am now very suspicious of ANYTHING that the government says.

Your  blog and the video support this.

Additionally your comments the many “transgressions” are very accurate. I share your same concerns as do many other Americans.

I have been getting your blogs and newsletters for several months now. Will be taking my first Front Sight course in late Oct and very much looking forward to it.

Have forwarded your blog to the Glenn Beck.

See you in Oct.

Robert C


Dr. Piazza,

As a new RN working in a county health clinic I helped set up & give the vaccine to a lot of people.  Of course I also took the vaccine, it was expected & I was too new to question the CDC let alone my boss.  1 week later I had every single side effect on the permit I signed.  I had never been that sick & haven’t been since then.  I truthfully thought I would die.  I haven’t taken a flu vaccine since then & don’t intend to.  I believe in “herd immunity”, if every one else has the vaccine I don’t need it.

Judy M.


Dr. Piazza,

Thanks for the Saturday Night blog(this may be your best yet) I glad we agree on many subjects–especially this Swineflu stuff and the vaccine they want our families to take. I too remember 1976 and I recently brought this subject up on a local talkshow and how more people were affected by the vaccine side affects than the disease. I no longer feel alone….Many thanks!

Dave L.

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Ignatius Piazza
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