Robbed at GunPoint

August 30th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

I own a Lawn Care business in North Carolina and about 5 years ago I was robbed at gunpoint.

I had just arrived at the business when a newer model minivan pulled up. The driver rolled the window down and was asking directions. As I was giving directions to the driver I noticed the passenger getting out of the van, but dumb me wasn’t paying attention and the next thing I knew I had a gun stuck to the side of my head. I then noticed there were two other people in the van hollering to get his billfold, get his phone, and so on. I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me, especially at 2:00 in the middle of the day, right beside a major highway. I purty much stood there kinda in shock as they backed out so I couldn’t there license number. Once I got my composure, I rushed down to the Police station, since they got my phone and I couldn’t call 911. These same guys had been on a robbing spree the past couple of weeks and had shot one person, pistol whipped a couple others, shot up a vehicle, but fortunately no harm was done to me. I remember at first being in shock that this actually did happen to me, then I remember getting mad at what happened, but the next day, it scared me to death thinking about what could have happened and me possibly leaving 3 kids and a wife behind without a daddy or husband. So in a way, everything turned out for the best but in another way I wish I would’ve been in control of the situation.
This has been a life changing experience for me. I am trying to constantly be aware of my surroundings whether I’m out cutting grass, going out to eat or just pulling up to a stop sign and it’s been a struggle trying to convince my wife and kids to be more careful of their surroundings whether it be at home, out grocery shopping or wherever. I’ve always owned guns but didn’t always have one on my person until after this happened to me. I hope it’s something I never have to use, but I hope that if the situation ever arises that I need to use it to protect me or my family I will be able to do so.
I do get your weekly e-mails and try to benefit from those as well as the information posted on your website.
I just wanted to tell you my story and stuff like this does happen to regular people.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.
Bobby M.

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Ignatius Piazza
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