From a Front Sight student in Response to Race Card

September 29th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

Feel free to publish this….

In response to the hate mail to Dr. Piazza accusing him of being racist, think about these ideas….

If he were a racist, there would be selective behavior in marketing, staffing, participation and it would be throughout the organization, after all he is at the top.

In my visits to Front Sight, I have found these conditions to be true:

1.  In staffing, I found White, Hispanic (multiple varieties), Black, Oriental, and Misc. classifications of people in all roles from minor to major and throughout the organization.  Interestingly, the staffing was very diverse in their individual personalities, for instance, my rangemaster was an Actor and Vocal Solist, assistants on the range were businessmen, sportsmen, former military, and tradesmen and a high school student.  So not only is the staff not indicative of a racist leadership, there does not seem to be anything even close to profiling going on.

2.  I found participants on the range I was assigned to included everyone. Specifically, singles, couples, teens with parents, white, black, hispanic, oriental, misc., handicapped of several varieties, a pair of obvious homosexual men in a committed relationship, elderly, fit, and barely fit. Retirees, executives, police, military, tradesmen.  Without exception, each individual was afforded equal attention, complete respect and extra help when needed or requested.

I find it personally offensive that any illiterate would play the easy race card against a professional organization of this caliber while taking a conceptualized statement clearly out of context.

Yes, the Million Man March was something amazing, but the 9/12 demonstration was bigger in number.

Yes, Obamas inauguration was a historical event as is the inauguration of ANY president.  The 9/12 event was bigger in number.  The point was not to degrade any of the other events but to highlight and point out the NUMBERS, and the dedication of those attending the 9/12 event.

If you look at the news coverage, you will see representatives of every identifiable group in the crowds.  This was not a white, English-speaking event devoid of others, it was a massive collection of patriotic Americans speaking their minds as guaranteed in our Constitution.  Speaking out against the perception that our government is out of control, moving us toward communism and taking a road we do not wish to follow.

Stop playing the race card when it is so easy and convenient to do so, research, read, learn, educate and realize that there are a lot of intelligent people who seem to agree on some basic concepts.  Just as many may disagree, but this is America — each group has the RIGHT to feel as they choose. Racism is a dirty word, primarily used to try and demonize the opponent or opposing viewpoint when no other intelligent argument works.

Find another way.

Robert F.

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Ignatius Piazza
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