Dear Ignatius

October 5th, 2009  

Dear Ignatius,

You have every right to be indignant and pissed over this slight to our founding fathers wishes to keep us forever free of oppression.

Of course those “brave” guys know what’s going on, and they either don’t care, or have to do what their bosses tell them.  Obviously they aren’t as concerned about out freedom as they make out, nor are they as conservative as our forefathers were.  Either it’s “An Inconvenient Truth” for them to utter  your offer on the air for the benefit of a thousand new handgun owneers, and to the advancement in knowledge of millions more of us, or, in the alternative, they might be afraid of losing media share.

Perhaps they want us to think that just playing their show for an armed opponent , while we call 911, and wait… and wait… is the right answer to armed threats to ourselves, our family, our property, and our rights as citizens.

As we know, Rush has an elaborate defense system for his own protection – underground parking, identical limos, bodyguards, electronic surveillance, and who knows what else.  That Rush is not therefore worried enough for his fans and listeners safety to help those who haven’t paid attention enough to have been informed of our rights to act on them, and that goes for the other talk show hosts on your list, as well,  would make their collective allegiances speak louder by inaction than any critics of theirs could have done to their reputations.

It seems they don’t really walk their talk, but are sitting on the fence.  WHY?

Frankly, I’m shocked by their lack of basic concern and sense of decency, since it would cost them nothing to tell the public the truth.  Their detractors might try to use it against them, but what have they ever done?  This is one measure that is arguably the best way to wake America up and get our country to stand up straight and strong in the world again.

Also, this would make any totalitarian minded politico anywhere take note before attempting to abrogate our free exercise of our rights under the Constitution.  Also, it would call attention to the fact that there is an amendment that specifically gives us rights that ignorant or tyrannical oppressors of people have opposed consistently.  So it’s a real surprise that not one of them has the intestinal fortitude to proclaim the truth, in opposition to the lies and innuendo that have taken right to bear arms from a given, to a maybe, or not at all, in some places.

Since one good man with a gun can ostensibly control one hundred unarmed people, the implications are obvious, and perhaps we need to make those implications come to the attention of the so called conservative hosts who have chosen to remain silent, to the detriment of the American people as a whole.

But I guess that admitting that we need and can really use 1,000 more armed and trained citizens out there in the everyday world in America, is just more than will fit between the collective ears of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck.

Maybe just living a night in my old neighborhood on the East side of Detroit, would change their minds, or perhaps in Richmond, CA, or hundreds of other places where there just isn’t time to call for help and expect it to get there in time – like Stockton, CA, too.

I guess those three have forgotten what it’s all about.

It’s time we get some real patriots on the radio – some whose colors don’t run.

Richard H.

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Ignatius Piazza
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