Front Sight Students Making themselves Heard by Radio Folks

October 7th, 2009  

We received these responses today to our last blog post: ‘You Will NOT Believe This… Free Gift but no Free GUN


Dr. Piazza,

I received your blog and then e-mailed Glenn Beck. I was so impressed with my course and your staff that I do want to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to protect myself and my family. I brought my nephew with me, and now I am going to be sending my daughter and her husband.

I believe in what you are doing and I believe in our second amendment. Thank you again and God bless you and your family.

Mr. Glenn Beck,

As a woman and a small business owner I took Dr Piazza up on this offer. I just came back from a two day defensive handgun course and  must say it was the most enlightening, empowering, and professional taught course I have ever attended. Front Sight is the top of the line in the firearms training  industry.  I listen to your show but now I wonder if you are true to your claims of being an American Patriot . Refusing  this advertising is plain anti-American plus losing about $100,000 in advertising. The  Premiere Network  must be anti-American as well as anti-gun. I  must be listening to the wrong radio station of people that  talk the talk but are afraid to walk the walk. Maybe Mr. Beck you should take the Front Sight course  and see for yourself how much this training institute can help the American citizen protect his/her family. If they are listening to your show and believing what you say they need to hear about this offer and the free gun!  Stand up to your network bosses and call it what it is a free gun not free gift. Again Mr. Beck  you might not think you need to take this course or any courses but you are mistaken because I would bet you do not have the knowledge it takes to properly protect yourself and your family.  Actually if you are married take your wife and I promise  she will  feel much safer in her knowledge of self protection in case you are not around.  I beg you to check this out and to stand up for what is right. All of your listening audience  needs to hear this message from Dr.Piazza.  If  they take away our second amendment right to bear arms, only the criminals will have guns and we will all be the victims. As you know it has been done in other countries and it leaves all the population exposed to the criminals because they do not turn in their guns.  Why don’t you hear about the town in Georgia where  everyone must own a gun. Their crime rate is the lowest in the country. Guns don’t kill , people do!

I hope Mr. Beck you are unaware of your network refusing to allow the ad because of the word GUN and do something about this. Your listeners deserve to hear about Dr Piazza and his offer. They need to hear the ad ,and have  the choice of learning how to safely handle a firearm and how to protect their families. If you love America, Freedom and Liberty stand up.

Thank you.

Barbara  S.


Dr. Piazza,

I read your blog on Mondays. I would like to thank you.

I copied all the phone numbers for Premiere radio. And I would be happy to call them and ask them why (gun) is not in the ad.

To me that is chicken shit.

Thanks Again

Leon M.
Sacramento California

P.S. In case someone else would like to call them…

Premiere Radio Networks Advertising Info
Carol Terakawa EVP of Sales 818-461-8097
Michael Soifer Director of New Business (All New Advertising Inquiries) 312-266-3873
Dan Metter SVP/Director of Talk Radio Sales 212-445-3926
Alison Horn VP of Music Syndication Sales 818-461-8040
Craig Hawkesworth VP of Interactive Sales 972-455-6267
Dennis Brownlee VP of Urban Sales 212-445-3904
Alex Fenech SVP Southeast Region; Atlanta Sales Office 404-870-5071
Doug Johnston VP Central Region; Chicago Sales Office 312-266-3880
Rhonda Scheidel EVP Southwest Region; Dallas Sales Office 972-239-6220
Doug Johnston VP Central Region; Detroit Sales Office 312-266-3880
Dave Rowley VP Western Region; Los Angeles Sales Office 818-461-8604
Cathie Mongarella SVP Northeast; New York Sales Office 212-445-3970
Ed Rivera VP of Sales; New York Sales Office 212-445-3971

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Ignatius Piazza
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