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October 24th, 2009  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I have been receiving your Front Sight newsletters and articles as a result of my step-fathers desire and enthusiasm for your work educating and equipping people to defend themselves in any given situation. I hope to attend Front Sight in the next year or two, until then I will continue to read and ponder your articles.

I had some basic gun training in the military some years ago using a .45 caliber pistol and I have inherited some various rifles from my father. I have yet to transport these firearms from New Hampshire as a result not having a firearms permit to transport them as I live in Massachusetts. There is little training out there for the extensive type of training that you are teaching. I would like to learn more about self-defense and all of the inside-outs of different weaponry. Lack of knowledge and comfort have kept me from doing much of either of these things.

I like this most recent article because it is the one that is the least discussed. How smart it is to ponder the what if’s and when’s in the comfort of clear thinking instead of waiting for a have to scenario. I find it a sad truth that our Constitution allows for us to bear arms and to protect ourselves, property and family if need be, but under the scrutiny of government officials and lawyers and such. Why should a person have to explain such things? I suspect that over the years, people have not been educated about the “when to” factor have abused the right of arm bearing, and cast a shadow over the entire gun owning community. I’m certain that you know this all too well.

I considered the “worth killing and dying for” portion of this newsletter. My initial thought was…take the wallet and the laptop it is not worth your life or mine. But I won’t lie, there is a part of me that thinks, “How dare you enter our house and try to take our property!”

I would like to at least shoot the burglar in the leg, hold him at gunpoint until the cops arrive. I have actually played out this scenario in my head as we have had B&E’s in the middle of the day right here in my neighborhood… and I live in a nice neighborhood. Sometimes the police catch the people and sometimes not. There is a lot of drug abuse by teens here even in affluent areas. I just get mad sometimes. Our societal tolerance has confused at least two generations of kids. If you don’t have it, you can take it from someone who does and not get punished for it.

Thank you for your articles touching on all aspects of gun ownership and personal protection.

God Bless, Laurie M.

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Ignatius Piazza
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