Ft Hood Shootings – More Responses from You

November 13th, 2009  

Here are a few responses to our post about the Ft. Hood tragedy – creating the new Citizen Soldier Membership.



I have wondered for years why we disarm troops in garrison. Having served for over 25 years, it always appalled me at the attitude the upper command had towards an individual being armed when not in the field. Most of us ignored them, and abided by state law as to the carrying of weapons, whether concealed or not.

I would like to see the attitude change, but with the lack of respect that several of our lawmakers have (Ms. Boxer for one) towards our great military men and women, I suspect that you will see just the opposite on post. There will be an incredible crackdown on personal weapons with probable fines and confiscations. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but Washington’s thought processes are less than reasonable these days.

Thanks for what you are doing. Still the best training I have ever had.



Dr. Piazza,

I applaud you for this blog.

I do look forward to reading all your blogs, and especially enjoyed the gun training reports you emailed. I learned a lot from them that has improved my shooting, especially with my XD40.

Thank you Dr. Piazza for all you are doing to help Americans survive and get through these times.  OH BY THE WAY, the answer to your question of…

Who was the MORONIC bureaucrat that disarmed “OUR” soldiers?  That would be BILL CLINTON: decided the soldiers didn’t need to be armed, and in turn put up barricades around the White House.

Thanks again, Sincerely,



Now you are gonna really piss off the fascists in government, giving them (god forbid) assault rifles!!! I’ll bet it creates a shit storm.

Having said that, I just happen to think you are probably the # 1 patriot in America today!!

Can you imagine what a shock it would be if you were to consider a run for president (or VP) with Ron Paul and /or Chuck Baldwin?? They already have their knickers in a twist! Maybe if we give ‘em apoplexy they’ll just expire.

All the best,

Earl W.


Dr. Piazza,

I have a certificate for your four-day defensive handgun course and one-day CCW permit class which I haven’t used as yet.  I do have my CCW license. I am 65 years old and in not such good health, but I try to train at least once a month.   But that is beside the point of this message.

Like you, I am “mad as hell” that our soldiers aren’t allowed the resources to protect themselves on our very own homeland military bases.  But I do know whose fault it is.

It was Jimmy Carter who disarmed our troops at home because he was concerned about the rate of suicide in the military.  How does that grab you?  Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow, does it?

I have a nephew-in-law who is currently serving in Iraq, and I actually talked to him by phone today.  He is doing fine and considers his area of operations to be pretty secure and safe.

I asked if he and his fellow soldiers knew about the Fort Hood murders.  He told me that they had been briefed, but he said nothing else about it.  I can imagine that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are still in mourning over this terrible act of terrorism.

It was good to hear (read) you vent your anger.  I have done such as well.  When are our elected officials going to wake up and realize that they are handing our country over to our enemies inch by inch by such means as political correctness?

I thank God for men like you who are willing to pledge their “lives and their fortune” to keeping America free and safe.  That phrase has a familiar ring, does it not?  It is a part of the oath that our founding fathers swore.  The people that you and your staff train may be the only hope for our country’s future.  I pray that is not so.

I am in your debt.

Dwight S.


Dear Dr. Piazza:

I just wanted you to know that I anxiously await all of your emails and gun training reports. Although I am unable at this time to participate, I just only wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts and persistence, and that your messages through your blogs as well as your reports all are hard, clean, “front-sighted” hits. You are making an impact, although you may not see immediate results from all whom you send these emails to, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for offering the opportunities you offer, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future. As you probably know more than most, there is so much at stake, and it all begins with a simple mindset. Please continue to be inspired and continue doing what you do. Your blog on the Fort Hood mess prompted me to email you. I get so excited, I just wanted to say thank you. Again, I just wanted to say thank you. You have been an inspiration. I continue to look forward to your emails.

Peace and God bless.

Mark M.


Dr. Piazza,

Excellent and thank you for keeping up and being a capable spokesman for our constitutional gun rights.

Dan S.


Amen, Ignatius!

Just another ignorant rule by arrogant bureaucrats. These men & women can be sent to the other side of the world to defend our freedom, sacrifice themselves in the name of duty, honor, country, but by bureaucratic rule… they can’t be “trusted” to carry a weapon here at home.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if our military personnel were armed while on routine stateside deployment and seen in public on a daily basis, there would be far less of an instance for one of these “terrorist” or any other criminal for that matter to be so quick to engage in their criminal behavior.

I have already lost one nephew in Iraq and have another set to deploy there next month. I would like to see some changes initiated that simply do not strip these personnel of their weapons, their dignity and the ability to protect their homeland when they are on U.S soil.

Do you think this so called “Major” would have dared such a feat if he knew every soldier on the base had the ability to shoot back? Not just simply scatter like ducks in a gallery? Just look at those who threw themselves into harm’s way to try and extract those already wounded, with no way to protect themselves.  Had the soldiers been armed, that whole thing would have been over before the shooter got warmed up. Moreover, it probably would not have happened in the first place, because COWARDS can act ONLY when they know they have the advantage.

The Bureaucrats would argue there is too much chance of an armed soldier going rogue, suffering from PTSD, and doing something bad. HELLO… the COWARD wasn’t suffering anything other than being chicken-shit!

Oh….we can let most anyone get a CHL and carry a gun most anywhere, we can arm pilots on commercial airliners to help stop another 9/11, but we refuse to hire enough Air Marshals AND we DO NOT let soldiers carry a weapon when they are at home, simply because THEY ARE at home?

I say swear them in as a type of law enforcement officer so that they also have the ability to arrest/detain law violators here at home. Just think about the law enforcement reach and resource we would have then. AND if one particular soldier does something wrong/stupid, deal with him/her on an individual basis, don’t punish the entire group.

It just makes no sense and I would agree that the Swiss, Israelis and many others probably do think we are crazy… and well within reason.

Ok, I will get off my soap box now.

Thanks for your comments.

Billy M.

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Ignatius Piazza
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