Ignatius Piazza: This Will Enrage You…

January 11th, 2010  

In the past, I have sent you Blog posts that I predicted would make you smile, or made you laugh, or bring a tear to you eye. As you know, I was right about your reaction.

Well, I have a blog for you this week that I must warn, will make you extremely mad. I believe it will enrage you.

I share it with you because every red-blooded, freedom-loving American needs to see it and understand that our CURRENT administration has broken ranks with ALL previous administrations and now supports the greatest threat to our sovereignty and liberty.

Watch this video, then see my comments below, then forward this blog to everyone you know…

Click the video below to play:

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The US has not signed any such treaty with the UN…yet.

The UN has been trying to negotiate an arms control treaty for years, but past US administrations have never supported such flagrant attempts by the UN to interfere with our sovereignty or strip us of our Second Amendment rights.

However, the CURRENT administration has reversed the long standing position of the US and has publically stated it supports an arms control treaty.

Should a treasonous administration sign an arms control treaty, the Senate would have the power to squash it by refusing to ratify the treaty.

Should a treasonous administration sign an arms control treaty AND the Senate ratified the treaty, then the final check and balance to protect our liberty and sovereignty would lie in the hands of tens of millions of American gun owners.

My question to you is, ARE YOU UP TO THAT TASK?

Or will you go silently into the night as gun owners in not-so-Great Britain, Australia, and Canada have done–surrendering their God given rights of self defense to an increasingly more intrusive, manipulative, and controlling world government?

You don’t need to tell me whether you are up to the task or not.

You need to look in the mirror and answer the question for yourself.

Our Founding Fathers understood that the greatest protection against enemies, both foreign and domestic, was an armed and train populace.

The MORE Americans that become armed and get trained to levels that exceed law enforcement and military standards, the LESS likely we are to ever see the day when Americans must use those weapons to protect our freedom from the UN or any other individual or entity bent on enslaving us.

The Japanese of World War II feared invading the US because of a “rifleman behind every tree.”

Arming and training YOU and every other responsible, freedom-loving American is the short term and long term answer to safety and peace in our country for generations.

Front Sight is here to help you and every responsible American place fear in the hearts of those in the UN who want to steal your freedom.

Here is your ticket. Purchase it and get on board…

A 30 State Concealed Weapons Permit, the world class training that Front Sight provides, and a Springfield Armory XD Pistol awaits you.

We stand ready, willing, and able to arm and train you at https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp

I post a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

If you have an interesting photo, story or tip about a relevant topic of interest to gun ownership, firearms training or Second Amendment issues, please feel free to send it to me at:


If you want to take advantage of the https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp

See you next week.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
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