Front Sight Mail Bag: Responses to Monday Blog Post

April 2nd, 2010  

Dr. Piazza,

Yes, this “person” comes from Georgia; fortunately not from my district.  He replaced Cynthia McKinney, if that makes us feel any better.  She is the one that replied after someone mentioned that Andrew Jackson killed Charles Dickinson in a duel in Kentucky:  Well, if we had gun control now, that wouldn’t have happened.  Huh?  Or the time saying space exploration was wasteful.  “Look at all the equipment our men left on Mars and have not gone back to retrieve.”  THESE people make our laws.  AND, they reproduce.

Thank you for your Blog and keeping us informed.

Dale W.


Dear Dr. Piazza,

This last email with Guam “tipping over” really scared me.  If he thinks Guam can capsize, how could he read the “Obama Healthcare plan” let alone the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence?

I am a firm believer that you can’t have too many guns or ammunition for those guns.  I am also looking forward to attending my 5 day pistol course with my 3 sons as soon as I am physically able. (I’m a 63 year old deputy sheriff off on disability at this time).

Thank you for your generous offers and training.

James C.

P.S.  I have my “Don’t Tread on Me” flags ready to mail also.


Dr. Piazza,

I agree with you that Hank Johnson is a total idiot for which we pay $174,000. It is my understanding that stupidity is not illegal but it should not be rewarded. Yes, he should be voted out of office and that will benefit the country but he will still collect his undeserved Congressional pension of $174,000, for which he has not paid one nickel, immediately, not when he turns 65. He probably will collect a pension for being a county judge. Talk about unfunded debt, the Congressional pension is one of the biggest boon-doggles ever. It will take me 10 years of Social Security for me to receive what a Representative of Senator receives in 1 month from his/her pension. the Congressional pension is paid out of the general fund and paid for by current taxes.

Richard W.


Dear Dr. Piazza,

It is an insult to working people everywhere to view this display of incoherent stupidty and to realize that WE are paying for this with OUR tax dollars. This babbling fool should be institutionalized, and instead he is rewarded with a life-long string of lucrative jobs courtesy of the taxpayer? I always attributed my back problems to my years in construction. What a revelation to discover that it was really due to carrying the financial burdens placed on me by a fat, bloated government monstrosity.  You can count on my participation. Thanks for all you do, and please keep fighting the good fight.

Chris L.

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Ignatius Piazza
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