Front Sight’s $997 Mid Week Lifetime Legacy Membership…

September 13th, 2010  

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Front Sight Blog subscribers who read every word of every Blog I send out, and you are reading this one, today, then pat yourself on the back because I’m testing a special offer and you are going to win BIG for simply being ready to respond!

As you know, I recently opened up Front Sight’s facility to mid week handgun courses.

The response to the mid week defensive handgun course has been huge and steady to say the least. It has sold out twice at higher and higher prices and is about to sell out again.

Well, as a result of the response to our mid-week handgun course offer, I am about to release the 2011 schedule, that along with our regular weekend courses, will also include ALL of our courses: handgun, shotgun, rifle, as well as advanced courses running MID WEEK!

So because you are reading this e-mail, this weekend, I’m giving you an opportunity to Sneak Peek a very special MID WEEK LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP that is priced so ridiculously low to test the response that you can literally steal a lifetime of mid week training for next to nothing.

I’m not kidding, a lifetime of our most popular courses MID WEEK for an unbelievable “sneak peek, respond before anyone else even knows about it” price.

The enrollment window for this special “sneak peek” Mid Week Lifetime Membership will only be open at this unbelievable price until midnight, Tuesday, September 14.


Here is the lifetime of Mid Week (Monday through Thursday) training you can get for an unbelievable “sneak peek, respond before anyone else knows about it” price!

Introducing the Front Sight MID WEEK Legacy Membership…

  • Attend the following courses MID WEEK (Monday through Thursday) Free of Charge and As Many Times As You Wish for the Rest of Your Life: These courses will be offered regularly MID WEEK throughout 2011 and beyond…

    With a Front Sight Legacy Mid Week Lifetime Membership you have the opportunity to achieve a level of self defense Comfort of Skill at Arms that most people could spend and entire career in the military or law enforcement and still not receive.

    This is not marketing hype.

    There is a good reason why Marine Corps officers, and law enforcement firearms instructors become members at Front Sight… It’s because we can provide them with more consistent and expert firearms training than they get from their own agencies.

    And when you become a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Member you will get to train right along side our nation’s finest peacekeepers and warriors helping build a lifelong bond between the law abiding armed citizens who are the backbone of our country’s defense and the brave men and women who place themselves in harms way on a daily basis to protect and serve our nation.

  • Guaranteed Placement in Your Courses with Two Weeks Advance Enrollment… No worries about whether your can “get into a course.” As a member your spot is guaranteed. Just fax or e-mail your Application for Training within two weeks of the course date and you are in! Like everything else we offer, no other school can offer you such flexibility with your scheduling!
  • Invitation to Annual July 4th Lifetime Members’ Reunion Celebration… So you and your family can celebrate July 4th each year in a manner that makes our Founding Fathers proud!
  • Name etched in First Family Monument… So generations from now, your grandkids will know you were part of the patriotic group who built Front Sight!
  • Password to access exclusive and restricted First Family areas of web site and e-mail forum… Now you can positively converse with all of our like minded First Family members!
  • First Family Card and First Family Hat… Identifying you to all students and staff as a loyal and supportive patriot assisting us in positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetime!

So What’s the Cost?

Single payment of $997. Your read it correctly. $997. (nine hundred, ninety seven dollars)

But you must be among those lucky subscribers who read this e-mail, this weekend and respond before midnight, Tuesday, September 14, 2010.

You are getting this opportunity to steal a Mid Week Legacy Lifetime Membership by acting on it before the 2011 schedule is released in October (just a couple weeks away) and before I price this Mid Week Legacy Lifetime Membership at a normal price of $4,900.

Don’t blow this opportunity by missing the deadline. You will never see this offer again.

There are only two ways to enroll:

Complete the Rapid Enrollment Online Form here:


Print out the Rapid Enrollment Printable Form Here:
and FAX it to my desk at 831.684.2137.

Please don’t call my office because the response to this offer, at this price, will overwhelm our phone lines. Enroll Online or Fax the Printable Form Immediately to 831.684.2137. I hope you can take advantage this special “Sneak Peek” offer.

This is a stand alone offer, it cannot be combined with any other offer, and we cannot accept trade-ins or credit toward it from any other purchases.

Remember, this is a lifetime membership restricted to MID WEEK COURSES (Monday through Thursday) ONLY and you are getting this amazing opportunity because you are jumping on a test offer before we release all the new MID WEEK courses on our 2011 schedule in a couple of weeks.

Yes, you can forward this offer to family and friends but they too must take advantage of it by midnight, Tuesday, September 14, 2011.

I look forward to seeing you attend our entire mid week course selections in 2011 and beyond.

Watch for the 2011 schedule on our website in October.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
P.O. Box 2619
Aptos, CA 95001

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