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October 8th, 2010  

On Monday I shared a series of live demonstration videos from an instructor interested in working for Front Sight. To be quite candid, I had never seen anything like this in all my years of firearms training.

Make no mistake, the instructor who sent me his demo videos can shoot fast and accurately. He also has nerves of steel and the combat mindset.

Obviously, Front Sight would never perform such demonstrations or allow anyone to handle guns in such a dangerous manner at Front Sight. We also do not condone the blatant safety violations you will witness in these videos.

Still, I want you, my students, to see these videos because I doubt you have ever seen such incredible live demonstrations nor are you likely to ever see anything like them again.

Watch each video and understand that what you are watching DID NOT happen at Front Sight, nor will it ever happen at Front Sight.

Also, DO NOT attempt to do this at home. It could result in serious bodily injury or death to the participants.

These demo videos were sent to me by an individual looking to become part of Front Sight’s staff who states he routinely trains “special operations personnel” in a South American country.

Could a Front Sight Combat Master or Range Master make these shots? Yes, they could, but would only attempt such a shot in a true, life-and-death situation.

Watch all four videos below and then note my comments under each video.

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Amazing shot under “live” circumstances.

The hit is a little low in the head, likely due to sight alignment being a bit low or more likely the shooter being a bit heavy on the trigger. Instead of lining up the sights, then bringing his focus 100% back to the front sight and pressing the trigger until a surprise trigger break occurred, he may have line up the sights, and as he was focusing on the front sight mentally said to himself, “looks good press the trigger NOW!” which tends to dip the front sight and causes shots to hit low.

At Front Sight, we like to see head shots in the cranio-ocular cavity (between the moustache and the eyebrows) to be sure that the bullet gets through the soft part of the skull, Is not deflected by teeth or jaw, and penetrates into the brain to immediately stop a threat.

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Good hits. Where they should be and delivered with authority.

Note the size of the shot pattern. This should dispel any notion that you can just point and shoot a shotgun and anything in its path is taken out. You must use the sights on a shotgun just like any other weapon or you can miss, even at short distances.

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Good demonstration of the Underarm Assault position.

In this shooting position, you lock the butt stock high under your arm, lean forward, making sure your head is inline with the axis of the barrel/muzzle.

In this position, your binocular vision acts as the sighting system. This technique only works with accuracy if the weapon is locked in, your head is over and inline with the axis of the barrel, and you are truly “one with your weapon.”

This technique should only be used in an emergency situation when you are caught by surprise and do not have the time to transition the weapon to your shoulder to use the rifle sights. Once you fire the first burst from the Underarm Assault Position you should transition to a shoulder fired position because using the sights is always more accurate and efficient.

Front Sight also teaches that when using a full auto weapon, limit your bursts to 2-3 rounds to make the most efficient use of your ammunition and keep your rounds effectively on target.

You can see In this video he “walks” several rounds vertically from the crotch to the chest. Thus, a sighted, 2-3 round burst from the shoulder would place the rounds in the chest and conserve ammunition. Again, use the Underarm Assault Position only in an emergency, where you do not have the time to mount the weapon to your shoulder. Get a burst off into your opponent and then transition to shoulder mounted fire for accurate delivery of 2-3 shot bursts on any other adversaries in close proximity to you.

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Holy smokes! When I saw this unfolding, I truly feared for the life of the “live” hostage?


Because an expert shot (the shooter in these videos definitely demonstrates expert marksmanship skills) can control everything EXCEPT a random “flyer” of buckshot that can occur at any time, to anyone.

Fortunately, he (and his “live” hostage) were blessed with a nice consistent buckshot pattern as seen with the other buckshot patterns from his previous shots.

What he is demonstrating is the effective use of the shotgun to precisely end a hostage situation by placing the front sight on the ear of the hostage taker and allowing HALF the normal pattern to strike the hostage taker in the cranio-ocular cavity, and leaving the hostage unscathed.

At Front Sight, we teach this technique in our Tactical Shotgun courses (USING PAPER TARGETS) so our students can fully appreciate the proper use of the tactical shotgun. Through our course, students recognize that the 00 pattern from their shotgun varies greatly with different brands of 00 buckshot and distance from the target SO YOU MUST KNOW YOUR SHOTGUN, AMMUNITION AND RANGE to pull off a shot like this.

I also laughed out loud at the end of this video (happy the hostage was not hurt) when I realized that the demonstration had been interrupted not to hand the “live” hostage, safety glasses as I originally thought, but rather ear plugs!

A bigger concern than ringing in the ears would be getting the shotgun wad (the plastic cup that hold the shot) in the eye. We routinely see the wad, at the distances demonstrated in this video, pierce cardboard target backers so it will definitely injure an eye.

Clearly, Front Sight does not endorse or condone what you have witnessed in these videos, but I do hope you appreciate and have enjoyed the lessons learned in them.

Your comments from Monday also made it perfectly clear you were shocked that an instructor would subject anyone to such danger for nothing more than a training demonstration and you would not want such a person instructing at Front Sight .

I will state again that this DID NOT occur at Front Sight, nor would it ever happen at Front Sight.

Still, these incredible videos are a great learning tool so feel free to forward this blog to everyone on your lists and place on chat rooms so the entire firearms training community can benefit from seeing videos that they likely have never seen before or will ever see again.

Regarding the instructor who sent me his demo videos, please understand that there are tens of thousands of firearms instructors around the world and tens of millions of gun owners who have never had the benefit of learning Front Sight’s remarkable, responsible, and SAFE firearms training.

To thank him for sharing his videos so you can learn from them, I have a free course for him any time he would like to attend .

And if you have not yet taken advantage of my greatest offer here it is for you: A 30 State Concealed Weapons Permit, the world class training that Front Sight provides, and a Springfield Armory XD Pistol awaits you.

We stand ready, willing, and able to arm and train you at https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp

I post a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

If you have an interesting photo, story or tip about a relevant topic of interest to gun ownership, firearms training or Second Amendment issues, please feel free to send it to me at: info@frontsight.com

Again, If you want to take advantage of the Greatest Course, Gun, and CCW Permit Offer in the firearms training industry see this link: https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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