2 Days Left on Fort Knox / Front Sight Safe Sale…

December 6th, 2010  

Only 2 Days Left… http://allamericansafe.com/safes/ to order so you can get free shipping (saving $600 to $1200 dollars) and the bonus pistol safes on selected models!

And check out the amazing Front Sight / Fort Knox Safe Warranty…

Fort Knox’s Warranty offer to Front Sight Members and Subscribers is truly without comparison! It would be like Mercedes Benz replacing your car if somebody crashes into you and destroys it, as long as it wasn’t your fault. Add to that, if any component of the car ever malfunctions or breaks down they will replace it at no charge to you, even after 30 years and 1,750,367 miles. Now I ask you…How many of us would buy a MERCEDES with that kind of Guarantee? I think we all would!

Well that is what Fort Knox offers as a Warranty to Front Sight Members and Subscribers on their product!

And they are the only ones that will!

Take a look at this…


Nuts and Bolts of the Warranty in laymen terms…

1. The Warranty is through Fort Knox. Fort Knox has been in Business for 32 years, since 1978. They are the oldest Home Security Safe company in the USA.

2. If there is any fault in manufacturing, Fort Knox will fix it, replace it, whatever is needed. Even 30 years down the road.

3. If your safe is damaged in a fire, your safe will be replaced with a brand new safe equal to the one you originally purchased.

4. If your safe is damaged by a burglar or thief attempting to break in to your safe, and a police report is filed, Fort Knox will repair your safe to the original mint condition. If it is not repairable to the original condition, you get a brand new safe equal to the one that you originally purchased.

5. Your lock(s) are also guaranteed for life.

6. It is a Lifetime Warranty, but limited only to the original purchaser of the safe.


See the answers below to the most Frequently Asked Questions and do not miss the TWO (2) DAY DEADLINE to order so you can get free shipping (saving $600 to $1200 dollars) and the bonus pistol safes on selected models!

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Fort Knox / Front Sight Safes…

Q. Who is All American Safe and how are they involved with Fort Knox and Front Sight?

A. As students of Front Sight and Dealers for Fort Knox, All American Safe exclusively represents a limited number of unique safes just for Front Sight members and subscribers. You can’t get the Fort Knox / Front Sight Safe anywhere else and they are a great deal. I demanded slim margins so that Front Sight students and subscribers could get the correct safe, at the lowest cost. The Front Sight Safes are completely unique safes with all of the 14 features unique to Fort Knox (see 14 Features Below) plus additional features we had added to them, like thicker steel and multiple layers of steel on the Signature safe. Two Bonus Pistol Safes, FREE Shipping and No Sales Tax which is also a significant savings.

The Front Sight Safes come standard with Dehumidifiers, Inside Light Packages, Extra Modular Shelves, and Free Upgraded Paint.

Q. What is the price for the safes normally?

A. These safes are not part of the regular line up at Fort Knox. We put these safes and options together as part of the Front Sight / Fort Knox partnership for this sale. So the price that you see with the options that each safe are truly unique so make sure you secure yours now so you can benefit from the free shipping and the bonus pistol safes. http://allamericansafe.com/safes/

Q. Is the price listed on the linked website the normal or sale price?

A. The website price is the only price for these safes and is the only way to get one of the three safes you see listed. Grab yours now so you can save the free shipping component which ranges from $600 to $1200 based on where you live.

Q. Where can we see the regular version to compare between the different models to see the savings?

A. There really is no regular version as all three safes were created for this partnership and sale happening right now and are custom builds for Front Sight Students and Subscribers. http://allamericansafe.com/safes/

Q. I looked at the Fort Knox website and did not see any comparison prices. How do I know the Front Sight / Fort Knox Safe Price is the best deal?

A. I encourage you to look at as many safes as you can and compare what you are offered here with any other brand out there (just don’t wait too long because you only have 2 DAYS LEFT). Fort Knox is the manufacturer and they do not put prices on their website because they would be competing with their dealers around the country. They do not allow their dealers to put prices on their websites, because they don’t want one dealer undercutting another dealer. They do not allow dealers to put any prices on the web. They have allowed us to do it for this sale because we are only making this offer available to Front Sight students and subscribers and only for 2 More Days! http://allamericansafe.com/safes/

Fort Knox is the Cadillac of safes. When you compare a Fort Knox, you are comparing a Cadillac to an economy car. If you want a file cabinet, then you buy a cheaper brand. If you want something that has every innovation for fire and theft protection, you buy a Fort Knox That is why I have one and why people like General Schwarzkopf and Ted Nugent have them too. People who know safes will only buy a Fort Knox. The safes offered here are Fort Knox built for Front Sight with All American Safe as the dealer. It is the best safe money can buy and the best deal on the best safe.

Every innovation in safes has its genesis as Fort Knox. I encourage you to compare these 14 points listed below with every other brand out there.

As an example, the corner bolts, (the easiest pry point) were created by Fort Knox and their 20 year patent just ran out this year. Two other companies have come out with corner bolts now that the patent has run its course, but during the last 4 years, For Knox developed a new corner bolt that trumps the strength of the old one, and now has the new STAR Corner Bolt patented.

Nobody in the industry touches the fire rating. Highest in the industry. And because of the construction, they guarantee everything for life. Fort Knox is the only safe manufacturer who does this. Other safes out there, the lock can be broken with a 4 foot piece of pipe. Put it on the handle and with 4 feet of leverage, just break the lock. You are half way in. This is impossible with the safes offered here. Every Fort Knox handle has a clutch drive in it.. If a thief tries to break the lock in this manner, when a certain torque level is reached, it simply spins and the lock is protected and your safe is not damaged and the thief is no closer to your valuables.

Q. Does the price include installation also or just delivery to the door?

A. If you order before the 2 Day Deadline we are paying for the shipping to your door which saves you hundreds of dollars . If you want the safe moved into your home then you will require a quote based on where the safe will be going, the size of the safe, and how difficult the job may be. All American Safe can get a quote so you know exactly what that cost will be before you order if you would like. They also have a “do it yourself” guide and if you have a few friends and it is going on a main level or even down stairs we can show you how to get it done for almost nothing. The truck drivers that deliver the safes are not safe movers and won’t have the equipment necessary to install the safe in your home, but again it is something All American Safe can help you with.

Q. Are there finance options or do we have to pay the total all up front?

A. We don’t have finance options because Fort Knox does not offer them. However. All American Safe does accept credit cards and of course you can then make payments that way with cheaper interest than most retail payment options offered today.

Q. What separates a Front Sight / Fort Knox safe from all the others?

A. See the 14 Points of Superior Construction: More Security ~ More Features ~ More Value…

  1. REINFORCED FIRE DOOR — Reinforced Fire Door? With most of the industry going to a “composite” style door Fort Knox reinforces the door. A solid plate starts the process, followed by two layers of fire board and another layer of steel. This process gives Fort Knox more steel in the door than that of a “composite” door as well as giving us the added strength that comes from the steel radius on the edge of the door. The radius or bends in the door add strength but only if it is supported from the inside of the door with extra steel. More steel plus the radius edges make the best door in the industry. Feel the difference by opening a Fort Knox door and then a competitor’s door. You will be able to feel the difference.
  2. COMPOSITE DOOR SYSTEM — Unlike Fort Knox’s RFD door (discussed above) most of the safe industry is falling into the “composite door” trap. The composite door gives the appearance of a thick door without the cost. The draw back is that you can only bend the lighter gauge material to get the composite look. Without the extra steel to support it, the door can flex, both at the doors edge as well as the handle area. Most of the companies that use the composite system will not disclose the content and construction of the door; thus making it much harder for the consumer to understand. The ultimate loser with a composite door is the consumer. They buy a product based on the perception of a thick door and solid construction, both of which stretch the reality of a composite door.
  3. CORNER BOLTS — A Fort Knox patent is the corner bolt on the Signature models. Not only does the corner bolt show very well, it lends to the security of the safe. Would be attackers primarily try to attack the safe through the handle and lock. After failing at those points they turn their attention to the corner of the door. There is extra reinforcement on the corners. There isn’t a better way to truly protect the valuables in the safe, then with the corner bolts on a Fort Knox Safe.
  4. GEAR SYSTEM — Aren’t all gear systems the same? No! The gear stemming from the handle can control a number of different bars and levers to open and lock the safes. The prime factor in a good gear system is how the gear teeth interlock. An accurate interlock creates a smooth system that can ultimately be felt by the smooth rotation of the handle. The Fort Knox system is the best in the industry and can be shown simply with a spin of the handle.
  5. RAISED FLOORS — The simple things set Fort Knox apart from the rest. The competition uses rubber bumpers on the sharp steel edge of their box. We simply raised the floor. Now as the customer gets that box or rifle out, they can just slide it freely. Very simple; but what a difference. The last thing you want is a chip in the finish of your rifle due to a sharp box edge.
  6. TIGHT BOLT TOLERENCES — Tight bolt tolerances versus plastic bushings? To insure the life long integrity of the Fort Knox products, we use tight bolt tolerances. These tight tolerances add to the life of the product. A tight fit of steel to steel will not wear, will stand up better in a fire and give you better long term security than that of the bushings. Plastic bushings require larger holes, will wear over time and we all know what happens to plastic in a fire. Fort Knox builds safes that will surpass the lifetime warranty!
  7. REINFORCED LOCKING PLATE — How could you warranty a lock for life? The only way is to build a product that will not leave the lock as the only security device. With internal re-lockers, external re-lockers and the addition of a reinforced locking plate, Fort Knox safes are the most secure… The reinforced lock plate is designed to take the pressure off of the locking bolt and transfer it into the door. This transfer gives the lock a lot more longevity and therefore allows Fort Knox the ability to do what no other manufacture can; warranty the lock for life. Why wouldn’t you? Around the lock we also have hardened steel, ball bearing reinforced hard plate and internal and external re-lockers. Security at its finest!
  8. STUD WELDED SHELVING BRACKETS — Stud welding the shelving brackets have three primary benefits. First of all, in a fire situation, the stud welds keep the fire board in place. This gives us even fire coverage due to the lack of slippage. A second fire application is that the studs allow us to put a dead air between the steel and the fire board. This “thermal pane barrier” is a great insulator and is similar to that of window companies. The final component is that of giving added strength and integrity to the shelving of the safe. Unlike screws in drywall the stud is welded. With the stud welded to the inside of the safe body and attaching through the shelving brackets, you see that the way safes are constructed really do matter.
  9. BOLT DETENT — Have you ever walked into a store and noticed chips on the outside edge of the doorframe? The detent system is designed to eliminate those chips as well as protecting the beautiful finish intact for many years to come. You can manually over ride this by depressing the detent and then extending the locking bolts. A great component to keep the safe looking pristine.
  10. PRIMED INTERIORS — With a lifetime warranty on a product that covers the product not rusting, you would think that the product wouldstart with no rust. All of the Fort Knox safes are primed on the outside and inside of the safe; including the inside of the door. In most safes built today you can pull the door panel off an see that rusting is already occurring right out of the factory. It does take some additional time and effort but that is one of the reason’s Fort Knox is the industry leader for safes and vaults.
  11. COMPLETE CRAFTSMANSHIP — Take the door panel off of the safe and you will see a lot about the company. Does your safe just have push washers holding it together? Are the slide rods bent and forced into position? At Fort Knox our passion is to build a safe that will out perform the warranty. The only way to do that is to have a product that is built to exacting standards. Standards that are unmatched throughout the industry.
  12. UNIBODY CONSTRUCTION — The Quadrafold door frame has been designed to be the strongest in the industry, providing superior strength in every situation. We have found that Uni-body construction retains the natural strength of the steel. We have strategically folded the edge around the door making it the most secure body available and giving the door a deep recessed seat to make it virtually impossible to pry. The technical innovation offered by Fort Knox will give more security than raw weight.
  13. DRILL DEFLECTOR PLATES — In order to build safes that thieves can’t break into you need to stay ahead of thieves, always be innovating and know what they know. Fort Knox has learned from experience and study since 1982 that thieves know that if they can break the lock, see 14. Below, then they simply need to drill through the sides of the safe, find the bolts and simply push them in and the safe is opened. Not with Fort Knox Safes. Fort Knox puts drill deflector plates inside the body of the safe, usually at an angle. When drilling is attempted, it is foiled by the hardened steel plate. It is set at an angle so that the bit cannot get a “bite” on the steel. And it protects the bolts from being reached.
  14. BOLTS AND HANDLE — Slip Clutch Handle prevents damage to the actual protected locking mechanism. The handle is engaged with the lock when the safe is locked. On all rival safes in the industry, a leverage bar (like a 4 foot piece of pipe) could be used to slip over one of the handles and break the lock or damage it while it is engaged. Not with Fort Knox Safes! A clutch drive mechanism is built into the assembly so that if excess torque is applied to the handle and transferred to the lock, the handle clutch slips and the handle just spins. The lock remains undamaged, and the thief is thwarted in his or her efforts. When the torque is released the clutch reengages with the assembly and the handle works normally. 1 1/2 inch bolts are the largest and strongest in the industry.

So What Are You Waiting For? http://allamericansafe.com/safes/

A Front Sight / Fort Knox Safe is the Best Safe and the Best Deal with Free Shipping, No Sales Tax and Bonus Pistol Safes on Selected Models

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL E-Mail I SENT YOU LAST WEEK . You only have 2 More Days…

Front Sight is the undisputed, firearms training industry leader.

We now routinely train more students on a weekend than our closest competitors train all year.

As a result, leaders of other industries contact us regularly and request that I endorse their products. I rarely agree to do so.

WHY? Because I hold the Front Sight Organization to the highest standard in our industry and it is quite rare to find other companies that operate at a similar level.

When I do experience such a company, not only do I want you to know about it, I go one step further to negotiate a great deal for YOU.

Here is a great opportunity for you to secure one of three, Front Sight / Fort Knox Gun Safe Models and have your choice of gun safe shipped free of charge, right to your door!

That’s right! If you can act within (2 days left), I arranged for you to save thousands of dollars on a Front Sight / Fort Knox Gun Safe AND made sure the shipping of your safe (a savings of several hundred dollars) is free!

Plus, if you purchase within the next 2 days, I twisted their arm to throw in a Fort Knox/Front Sight Pistol Safe on selected models (another savings of a few hundred dollars!) at NO CHARGE!

Here is the link for more information and to order: http://allamericansafe.com/safes/

And if you want to see one of the reason why I own a Fort Knox Safe (and why you should too) see this amazing torture test video that was done by an independent company.

By the way, it took over an hour to get the safe door open AFTER all the other torture testing that was done to it…

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Go here now http://allamericansafe.com/safes/ to get yours before the prices go up, and they take away the free shipping and bonus pistol safe!

You only have 7 Days to secure one of three, Fort Knox/Front Sight Gun Safe Models and have your choice of gun safe shipped free of charge, right to your door saving you thousands of dollars PLUS, get a BONUS Fort Knox/Front Sight Pistol Safe!

I hope you are able to take advantage of what I have arranged for you.

I post a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

If you have an interesting photo, story or tip about a relevant topic of interest to gun ownership, firearms training or Second Amendment issues, please feel free to send it to me at:



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