Front Sight Mail Bag: Not at All What I Expected…

May 15th, 2011  

Dear Sir,

Just returned from my 1st visit to Front Sight, and I had an amazing experience. I am not a gun person, and never had any experience with nor interest in them. I grew up in California and none of my family ever owned or shot guns growing up. My husband Chris (a firefighter-paramedic) has always owned a handgun that he’s kept locked up under the bed for his comfort in personal protection. While I admire and benefit from his attention to our family’s safety, I have never felt a need to learn any more about guns. I am a confidant woman (soccer mom) and happily have never had any personal experiences with evil people or dangerous situations in my 50 years on this planet.

Chris recently found out about Front Sight and has taken a number of classes over the last year. He asked me to come to a 4-day Defensive Handgun course and at first I was quite resistant. Quite frankly I thought I would be surrounded by inbred wacko gun nuts dressed in camouflage. Boy was I wrong!

The surprise started a week before I was to leave, when my dentist found out I was going to Front Sight. He stopped cleaning my teeth, took off his mask and said NO WAY! YOU’RE GOING TO FRONT SIGHT? When I admitted sheepishly that I was indeed, he went on and on about how he and his wife had gone last year and it was “the most fun they had EVER had and they couldn’t WAIT to return.” I was shocked that he had even heard of it and was quite surprised by his endorsement, because he’s, well, a dentist and I had never even considered that the course was going to be “fun.”

Long story short, my time at Front Sight was incredible. I had so much information stuffed into my head over a 4-day span that I thought (on day 2) that there was no way I could retain it all. Surprisingly, I did, and with the help of phenomenal instructors, really thrived. I left Nevada with an absolute comfort and ease in handling my brand new Glock 17, a thorough respect for the safety and sanity of responsible gun ownership, and a sense of empowerment that comes from learning and refining a skill set such as this. I can’t commend you enough for the experience, and I haven’t been able to stop talking about it. It was quite powerful.

One of the things that sold me on attending was a comment my husband made after he returned home from his first visit. I had been afraid that he was now going to turn into Rambo when he heard bumps in the middle of the night. He said -with great conviction- he was much MORE apt now to call 911 and head out the back window if he heard glass breaking than before he attended. He said he had a much greater understanding of the risks entailed with drawing a weapon, and was going to be quite thoughtful about what he decided was worth risking his life for. I loved that.

Thank you again. We are heading back next week (April 4) for a 2-day skill builder, and I am looking forward to bringing some girlfriends and our daughter in the future. I have been spending time every day in dry practice, and am looking forward to seeing if I can beat the time on the emergency reload drill! My husband is thrilled and a little amused, I think.

We look forward to coming back (next week!)


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Ignatius Piazza
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