Front Sight Mail Bag: Gaining Confidence with a Handgun

July 2nd, 2011  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

The following is in response (a bit late though) to the great experience I had at Front Sight in November 2010.

First off, what a fantastic experience! I had sent an employee to Front Sight in Fall of 2010 as a company bonus in lieu of a check.. It’s what he wanted, and I was happy to oblige. He went back for an advance course a few months later too! Long story short…after hearing his first hand account of his 4-day and 30 State CCW course, I knew I had to make it out to Front Sight. So I did in November of 2010. As a CCW permit holder in New York State, I know, they’re kinda rare, (We live in Upstate-Central New York area) I wanted to gain a level of proficiency, competence and confidence using my handguns. I felt compelled to acquire world class training so I could carry with confidence. And that’s just what happened! I graduated from the 4-Day defensive handgun course. An achievement I was very proud of considering I just turned 51 the day before I arrived. You see, growing up, we never had guns around. No hunters in our family either. No thought about personal or family protection because much of suburbia felt comfortable and safe back then… Times have changed huh?

As husband to a great wife and dad to our 3 children, I’ve accepted the reality that dialing 911 is akin to calling the clean-up crew. No disrespect to L.E.O.’s, but where we live, and where my business office is, it’s the truth due to geographical locations and driving distances. I got my CCW in 2007 after having my eyes opened to some the darker aspects of society over the years, and feeling compelled to be able to protect those I love. I also wanted to get my CCW before some foolish Federal and State politicians clamped down even tighter on the 2nd ammendment. And as a business owner, the safety and protection of my employees is important as well.

If you had an east coast version of Front Sight (Like in PA) I would grab a lifetime membership! The travels costs and time from NY to Vegas can be a bit of a deterrent. Nevertheless, I’m very hopeful to attend more advanced handgun courses as well as your long gun courses someday in the future…

Thanks for everything that Front Sight was and is. Your vision of Gun Ownership for our country is to be commended! And thanks to all your staff who made made my 5 days there, one of the best memories I’ll have the rest of my life.

Best Regards,


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Ignatius Piazza
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