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July 25th, 2012  

I am dedicating this week to the victims of Aurora, Colorado Cinemark Theater mass murders by exposing the insanity of “Gun Free Zones” and calling ALL elected officials, opinion leaders, celebrities, and businesses who support the insanity of gun control exactly what they are… accomplices to mass murder!

I know that sounds harsh, but someone has to speak up loud enough to be heard over the cries from those who perpetuate the unilateral disarmament of responsible citizens, giving criminals, terrorists, and the deranged ZERO resistance to carry out their assaults, rapes, murders and massacres.

Sane Americans, even non gun-owning Americans are no longer buying the anti-gun BS coming out of the usual suspects in Washington DC and the media.

Anyone can see, due to so many real world examples that are readily available on the Internet, that when you have an armed, trained, responsible citizen in a public place EVERYONE IS SAFER and such murderous rampages as have occurred countless times in “Gun Free Zones” just can’t happen.

Here is another video of hundreds of such examples. This news video didn’t get national coverage because a responsible, armed, trained citizen was present and took care of the threat immediately. As a result it was a “non story” for the national media. No blood, no tears, no wailing families who lost loved ones, no reason for reporters to look sad and reflective as they describe the carnage as many ways as they possible can for days and days, while playing the scene of the mass murder over and over and over again.

Nope, there was no tragedy here. Just one responsible citizen with a gun taking care of a social problem and saving everyone around him BECAUSE HE WAS ARMED!

Make sure EVERYONE sees this…

and this…

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and this…

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and this…

I am not just talking here. I also have a solution and I will back up my words and solution on Friday with my own money!

Watch your e-mail each day for a continuation of my message for Americans and video that prove my point. Please forward my e-mails each day to everyone you know and ask them to do the same to everyone they know.

There are currently 532,876 of you subscribing to my blog. If each of you send my e-mails to everyone you know, asking each person you know to do the same, very quickly, everyone in America will know what you know, causing the harsh light of truth to expose the insanity of those who support gun control and enforce murderous “Gun Free Zones.”

I am personally dedicating this week to make a permanent, positive change in the understanding ALL Americans have regarding guns in the hands of responsible citizens, thus exposing the insanity of our gun grabbing politicians, and businesses that support “Gun Free Zones.”

Politicians, city officials and businesses who support “Gun Free Zones” are killing us with their lunacy and have blood on their hands with each murderous rampage that occurs in their fallacious “Gun Free Zones.”

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Well let’s ask our elected officials, opinion leaders, the news media, and those businesses who support the insanity of gun control and “Gun Free Zones” how many more Americans are they willing to kill by continuing to disarm responsible, trained citizens WHO CAN STOP a deranged gunman BEFORE he can massacre disarmed and helpless citizens?

How many MORE times are our elected officials going to pass gun control laws, enforce “Gun Free Zones” or consider signing an Arms Treaty to circumvent our cherished Second Amendment and expect a different result than what we received at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises?

It is INSANITY to believe that more gun control will make us safer.

Criminals, terrorists, and the deranged DO NOT follow gun control laws. Never have and never will.

Any politician, opinion leader, news pundit, or business owner who thinks otherwise is the poster child for Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.

And while you are at it, ask the 50 or more who were wounded and the hundreds who feared for their lives in that “Gun Free Zone” theatre if they would have liked to have had a gun of their own to protect themselves and those around them when a madman walked right in and started shooting?

NOBODY could stop him, because there wasn’t another gun, a LIFE SAVING GUN, in that theatre!

Ask your elected officials, opinion leaders, the news media, and those businesses who support the insanity of gun control and “Gun Free Zones” when they are going to wake up, get smart, look at the data, look at the statistics, look in the mirror and realize they are WRONG… DEAD WRONG about guns?

When are they going to admit to themselves that they are KILLING Americans with ignorance and gun control schemes?

We still have a choice in America. We can either remain free and safe by throwing out our insane, elected officials who continue to support gun control in spite of all evidence that it is a dismal failure or we can sit on our hands, doing nothing and watch another criminal or nut case who could care less about gun control laws and “Gun Free Zones” kill another group of helpless, disarmed victims.

We still have a choice in America. We can refuse to support businesses that enforce the insanity of “Gun Free Zones” and throw our support to the those businesses that recognize everyone is safer if responsible, trained employees and customers alike are allowed to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves from those who attempt to terrorize and murder.

You still have a choice in America. Exercise your choice and make sure everyone you know sees this e-mail blog and encourage each person you know to send it to everyone they know.

I’m doing my part, please do your part. Watch for my e-mail each day this week and forward it to everyone you know, asking them to do the same. And make sure you see my e-mail on Friday as I provide the solution for America that will put an end to the massacres like the Aurora, Colorado Cinemark Theater mass murders.

Together we truly make a positive difference.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

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