Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Hey Bob Costas! Resign or Get Trained

December 9th, 2012  

Nothing is worse than “experts” in their fields of endeavor expressing ignorant opinions, on topics outside their area of expertise, they clearly know nothing about.

The latest poster child of the unenlightened is Bob Costas.

Clearly an expert in the field of sports casting, Bob made a horse’s ass of himself on national TV and enraged 100 million gun owners with his uneducated comments about the “gun culture” in this country.

STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW BOB! I bet you don’t own a gun. You have never trained with a gun, and you sure as hell don’t understand the mindset of hundreds of millions of responsible, law abiding citizens who know more than you do about the subject of gun ownership in America.

As a result of your ignorance, during halftime on Sunday Night Football you insulted us. You owe us an apology and your resignation, not more TV interviews where you try to cover your tracks.

So do the right thing Bob. Either apologize and resign for stepping way over the line, or come out to Front Sight to get educated and trained on the subject of gun ownership in this country. See the REAL “Gun Culture.” At Front Sight on any week of the year there will be several hundred if not thousands of law abiding citizens, from all walks of life and from all across the country, safely and responsibly learning to use guns to properly defend themselves.

Bob, you will most enlightened. And bring Bill O’Reilly with you as your shooting buddy. Bill is more educated on the subject than you but Bill makes numerous gaffs on air as well when he speaks about guns, simply because he is not part of the “American Gun Culture” and has never been Front Sight trained. You and Bill just don’t know what you don’t know about guns, self-defense, and the comfort of skill at arms.

I’ll make it real easy for you and Bill. Give me a call and I will arrange for the two of you to come out to Front Sight and take our 5 Day Handgun course, complete with everything you need to secure a Concealed Weapons Permit good in over 30 states. I will even let you borrow my guns and give you the ammunition!

I personally guarantee, that at the end of those 5 days, you and Bill will have better skills than the vast majority of people who carry firearms for a living. YOU WILL THEN UNDERSTAND WHY you made such a fool of yourself on Sunday Night Football, and why you insulted over 100 million responsible gun-owning Americans with your ignorant opinions. You will also then be a real expert on gun ownership in America.

So what is it going to be Bob? Get trained, educated, and enlightened? Or apologize and resign? Either choice is a right choice after your on air blunder, but one of the choices clearly creates a better Bob Costas.

Bob Costas, I await your call…

And Bob, keep your eye out for these signs… They are all over America!

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Because this is such a great way to spread the right Front Sight message, I am GIVING you a $1,000 value, Two Day Defensive Handgun Course Certificate as a BONUS for participating and have set up a special Front Sight Facebook Page where you can post a photo to win a Front Sight Lifetime Membership!

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