Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Experts versus Idiots

April 8th, 2013  

You should be e-mailing, calling, and writing letters to your political representatives every day to keep the pressure on them so they know you will hold them personally responsible and vote them out come the next election cycle should they allow ANY gun control to pass.

Why must we hold their hands to educate them and hold their feet to the fire to keep them in line?

Here’s why… Watch this video of yet another idiot who has been placed in a position of power and clearly knows nothing about the subject in which she is speaking.

Now watch this 15 year old girl demonstrate why WE THE PEOPLE are truly the experts regarding the gun issue…  

Make no mistake.  ANY politician who introduces, supports, or votes for ANY gun control is either uninformed and uneducated on the subject or is knowingly violating our Second Amendment rights.

Either way, whether an idiot or a traitor, THEY NEED TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.  Make sure they know, each and every day through an e-mail, a call or a letter that YOU ARE WATCHING THEIR EVERY MOVE on the gun issue.

Here is a link to find your representatives.

And remember, if all else fails, the only thing they can’t take from you is your ability and willingness to use the guns you have to defend yourself against all enemies, foreign and domestic so make sure YOU ARE TRAINED.   

Go here to grab a 5 Day Front Sight Course, plus 30 State Concealed Weapons Permit, and our entire set of 7 Front Sight Training Manuals for only $200.

This is $2,500 in training, PLUS a full set of training manuals for only $200 as my way of putting my money where my mouth is to sharpen the teeth of the Second Amendment and prepare every responsible American citizen to protect and defend their freedom.  Get trained NOW


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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