Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Obama Shoots Himself in Foot

July 8th, 2013  

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You know I am no fan of Obama.

Nothing infuriates me more than hearing a politician utter the ridiculous cliche, “If we can save just one child…” as reason to strip gun rights from hundreds of millions of responsible citizens.

Obama stood with children after the Connecticut shooting, capitalizing on the emotions of the moment and played the worn out, “If we can save one child…” card as justification for signing an Executive Order, issuing a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Obama is so out of touch with American values and so clueless regarding the real issues of gun violence in our country, he must have believed the research he was ordering American taxpayers to pay for, would support his efforts to disarm us all.

Well, Obama shot himself in the foot because the study, he ordered, titled, Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence, revealed the following:

  1. Suicides, not violent encounters with guns, represent over 60% of all gun related deaths. Take the suicides out of the statistical analysis and the US has one of the lowest per capita death by guns statistics in the world. (Get rid of psych drugs and you will immediately lower the suicide rate and the mass shootings as well.)
  2. Those using a gun to defend themselves have consistently and significantly LOWER injures in violent encounters than those without a gun to defend themselves. This throws cold water on the gun grabbers claims that a gun in YOUR hand or in YOUR home is likely to be used against you by a criminal in a violent encounter.
  3. Defensive use of guns are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of citizens using guns to defend themselves more than 3 million times per year! So the next time you hear Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Feinstein or any gun grabbing moron cry, “If we can just save one child…” get in their face and ask, “Why are you asking the American people to sacrifice 3 million responsible citizens EVERY YEAR to save one child?”
  4. Overall, gun related deaths are declining, during the same period that gun ownership has soared.

We did not need to waste taxpayers’ dollars to prove what we, as gun owners, already knew.

It is simple, school yard common sense that when guns are taken from responsible citizens it shifts the balance of power into the hands of the criminals on the street and the criminals in our government. Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg and their ilk don’t give a crap about saving one child. They want to disarm the American public because they fear us. They are willing to use children in the most heinous, public relations scheme to accomplish their goal of disarming us. Shame on them.

Obama and his gun grabbing zealots got what they deserved. They shot themselves in the foot! Now they are attempting to keep the study under wraps, BUT DON’T LET THEM DO IT. Forward this e-mail to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

And remember, the only thing the gun grabbers can’t take from you is your ability and willingness to use the guns you have to defend yourself against all enemies, foreign and domestic so make sure YOU ARE TRAINED.

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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