Front Sight’s Wednesday Blog: A Tale of 3 Home Invasions

July 9th, 2013  

This is no fairy tale. This is the harsh reality of crime invading homes in every city across the land.

This is the harsh reality that has the potential to reach into your home. These three, armed home invasions happened last week in different parts of the country, but could have been attacks on your home and your family.

I am sharing these three videos with you, initially without comment so you can draw your own conclusions.

I will then share my expertise and recommendations with you.

Here are news stories from three, armed home invasions that happened last week…

The common denominator in the two home invasions where the occupants repelled the invaders, saving themselves from robbery, rape, torture, humiliation, and possible death, was the mindset TO FIGHT and either having the best tool (or acquiring the best tool from the invaders) to use in the fight… a GUN.

In any situation where violence is being threatened upon you or your family, there will come a time when you must make the choice, at risk of injury to yourself and those around you, to take the fight to your opponent in a no holds barred, battle to the death.

Or you can choose to submit to your attackers demands, knowing that once you have surrendered, allowed yourself to be bound and gagged, the same people who invaded your home with violent intent, have nothing restraining them from doing whatever they wish to you and your family.

The choice is yours.

Fight and you MAY get injured and you MAY die.

Surrender and you WILL get injured… emotionally and physically. And whether you live or die will not be yours to decide. You gave up that choice when you surrendered. Your fate now rest in the twisted mind of the career criminal standing over you and your family.

The good news, as seen in the home invasions where the occupants chose to fight, is that you have the element of surprise because your attackers are expecting you to submit to their demands.

Actions beats reaction every time so when you decide to fight, attack quickly, ferociously, and with no regard for your opponent’s well-being. Overwhelm them with aggression and don’t stop your attack until they flee or submit. Immediately turn the tables on your home invaders with overwhelming aggression.

If you have a gun and are trained, your attackers will not know what hit them.

If you don’t have a gun, get a gun and carry it with you, even in your home.

Then get a Concealed Weapons Permit and carry your gun with you when away from your home.

Then get trained to levels that exceed law enforcement and military standards so you are ready to fight and win.

Everything you need is right here… Grab a 5 Day Front Sight Course, plus 30 State Concealed Weapons Permit, and our entire set of 7 Front Sight Training Manuals for only $200.

This is $2,500 in training, PLUS a full set of training manuals for only $200 as my way of putting my money where my mouth is to sharpen the teeth of the Second Amendment and prepare every responsible American citizen to protect and defend their freedom. Get trained NOW


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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