Video #2 Front Sight’s Answer to the “Zimmerman Fate”

August 14th, 2013  

For 17 years, Front Sight has provided a thought provoking and information-filled classroom lecture entitled Problems 2 and 3: Potential Criminal and Civil Liability Following the Use of Deadly Force.

For 17 years we have told our students EXACTLY what will happen to them if they ever shoot an unarmed teenager, even if that teenager is trying to kill them, and they are totally justified in shooting.

Then George Zimmerman met Trayvon Martin and the rest of the gun owning population finally understood what Front Sight had been preaching and teaching to our students for the last 17 years.

I can say with total certainty, had George Zimmerman attended a course at Front Sight, and been exposed to Front Sight’s answer for dealing with a violent attacker… whether armed or unarmed… George Zimmerman would have handled the situation in a much different fashion, saving himself and likely saving Trayvon Martin from what Front Sight predicted and now refers to as the “Zimmerman Fate.”

What is Front Sight’s answer to the “Zimmerman Fate?”

First watch this video of a man being severely beaten by a unarmed youths and ask yourself what would you have done if it was you getting attacked and you were armed or you happened to walk up and witness this beating? Then see Front Sight’s answer below to the “Zimmerman Fate.”

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Now click on this link for a very special package, never before offered in the history of the self defense industry, that makes you the TOTAL WEAPON whether you are armed or not and gives you ALL the tools you need to defeat a violent opponent whether he or she, teen or adult, is armed or not. THIS is the TOTAL ANSWER to the “Zimmerman Fate” and is a MUST for EVERY MEMBER of your family.

I teamed up with the only other leader of Front Sight’s caliber in the self defense industry to provide this TOTAL WEAPON PACKAGE as the ANSWER to the “Zimmerman Fate” and I did it just for you, my Front Sight subscribers and students.

There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING better than this, but I am warning you… This never-before-offered-in-the-history-of-the-self-defense-industry Total Weapon Package answer to the “Zimmerman Fate” is extremely limited for obvious reasons you will recognize when you see all the AMAZING benefits, unbelievable BONUSES and the free, that is correct, the FREE Front Sight Concealed Defensive Handgun Lifetime Membership.

Jump on this immediately or you will be kicking yourself when it is gone without further notice.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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