Front Sight’s Memorial Day Thank You for All Veterans and Their Families

May 29th, 2021  

Most of you do not know that a decorated WWII Marine who saw action on the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima provided the single greatest influence in shaping my interest in firearms.

It can be said with total certainty that had he not made the effort to introduce me to the importance of weapons in the hands of responsible citizens, and shared with me the comfort of skill at arms, Front Sight would have never been born so many years later.

I met him as a wet-behind-the-ears young man. He later became my father-in-law.

We spent many evenings together watching westerns and any movie that featured John Wayne. He shared with me the sacrifice that men and women of his generation suffered to allow our country to remain free for the next generation, no matter how little we understood or appreciated what had transpired before us.

He taught me more than he ever imagined and inspired me beyond any thanks I could give him.

In his final hours I held his hand and told him that he was a great man for valiantly serving his country; providing for his family; and raising self-sufficient, productive children.

I told him that although we would miss him dearly, he was free to go. He had completed his mission with honor and we were all better because of him.

And I told him his influence on me would positively affect hundreds of thousands of people through Front Sight.

He squeezed my hand and as tears ran down our faces, I knew he understood.

As a result, Veteran’s Day means much more to me than barbecues, parades and a national day off work.

I would like to thank all veterans and their families for the sacrifices they provide to keep us free.

Here is my way of saying thanks…

I would like to provide any veteran and any veteran’s family members with a Front Sight Patriot Lifetime Membership allowing you to attend our flagship handgun, shotgun, and rifle courses FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of your life.   

This is the same Patriot Lifetime Membership advertised on our website for $4,900 but if you or a member of your family is a veteran, a Patriot Lifetime Memberships is  yours FREE OF CHARGE as my way of saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the catch?”

You may be wondering, “How can Dr. Piazza do this?”

You may be questioning, “WHY would Dr. Piazza offer this?”

I guess these are the same questions the firearms training industry has been asking itself ever since I opened Front Sight from scratch, as a complete unknown, with ten students in our first, Two Day Defensive Handgun Course in 1996—yet surpassed all the other shooting schools in the industry within a year and now train more students in a weekend than most schools train all year!

The answers to your questions are as follows:

There is no catch. All you have to do is enroll before the limited number of Patriot Lifetime Memberships I have set aside for you are taken.   

Front Sight has never been about making money. We have been about positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes. Because we place our noble purpose above profit, and provide the greatest value in the training industry, and treat people to a positively-life-changing experience, they go forth and multiply our influence across the country. They become walking, talking Front Sight representatives.  You will too.

By making it EASY for YOU and EVERY MEMBER of  YOUR VETERAN FAMILY to become a Front Sight Patriot Lifetime Member,  YOU will then go out and FIND (at no marketing cost to us) MORE MEMBERS WHO WILL HELP IN OUR MISSION and SPREAD OUR PURPOSE EVEN FASTER!

To the unenlightened, who do not understand the Secrets of Front Sight’s Success, giving YOU such an amazing opportunity looks like we are giving away the farm, when in actuality, YOU are saving US millions of dollars in immediate marketing and advertising costs we would have had to pay to significantly grow Front Sight AND your efforts create hundreds of millions of dollars more in lifetime referrals, upgrade participation, and revenue from future use of our hotels, condos, RV spaces, food, beverage and pro shop purchases.

Think about ALL THE PEOPLE you know in the military communities.  NOW imagine how powerful and how valuable MORE people LIKE YOU will be to Front Sight over a lifetime! I Want YOU to Go Out and Find Them and I am willing to reward YOU in advance by giving you a $4,900 Patriot Memberships, free of charge to thank you for your service to our country and help us in our mission.

Are you starting to understand the method to my madness?


So TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of FRONT SIGHT’S success, patriotism and way of thanking you for your service to our country by becoming a Patriot Lifetime Member and secure a Patriot Lifetime Membership for yourself every member of your family. Enroll Immediately.  

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Patriot Lifetime Membership


And here are a couple of videos to share with them as well…

I look forward to seeing you, your family and friends at Front Sight soon!

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