What the Second Amendment Means to Me

by Rebecca Stickley What the Second Amendment means to me is the freedom to own a gun, to be able to shoot a gun, and to be able to defend myself. It is too bad that owning a gun and being trained to use a gun is looked down upon. If it wasn’t, the crime […]

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What Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Means to Me

by Randy Shaw What Front Sight Firearms Training Institute means to me can be summarized in four words: Competence, Confidence, Change and Caring. Let me explain what each of these means. Competence essentially means being able to perform at a high level. Being able to perform the skills you may need in a defensive situation […]

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What a Handgun Means to Me

by Paul Trout I distinctly remember the day or rather, the night that I discovered I was an adult. I was 16 years old and had awoken in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, and terrified. Whatever rumblings from my id haunted my dreams that night, I don’t remember. What has stuck with […]

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I did not have the skills I might need to protect my family…

Essay by Kim Maskalenko For most of my life, I never owned a gun. I never thought I needed one. I was never anti-gun, just ambivalent. Things started to change as my daughter grew and began to resemble a young lady. Although it may sound odd, I began to see her through the eyes of […]

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What the Second Amendment Means to Me

By Susanne M. Heun Mrs. Heun is a wife of 15 years and mother of four young children. She exercises her active mind through various projects and causes. She has been a member of FrontSight for many years. (But is always pregnant or nursing a baby-so she looks forward to the day when she will […]

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15 Benefits of the Shooting Sports

“Risk vs. Benefit” . . . all wise men & women think through the consequences of both in order to make wise decisions. This applies to the “risks” and “benefits” of any action . . . medical, cultural or economic (ex. life, liberty & prosperity). With this in mind, think about these fifteen “benefits” found […]

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Essay Contest Entries!

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to start seeing the entries to our Essay contest posted to this blog. All entries will be listed under the category of “Essays”. There is a link to the essay category on the right-hand side of this blog. We wish you all well, and thank you for […]

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